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11 Smart Lighting Ideas for your Home


Smart lighting is a great way to add color, set the mood and create beautiful spaces in your home. With a range of different smart lighting systems on the market, we have rounded up some of our favourite spaces that look amazing with the use of lights.

Luxury apartment kitted out with 20 bulbs inside and also some outside on the balcony. This really is stunning.

5 Hue Blooms, 1 Hue Iris, 2 Hue Bulbs and 1 Hue lightstrip plus and Ambilight TV. The results are incredible.

Amazing set up in the living room that works with the TV and displays colours depending what is on screen. Perfect for movie night!

Lighting up the stairs, how cool is this?!

Using Hue light strips in a ceiling cove allows for a great way to create mood lighting in rooms such as the kitchen or dining room.

Instagram is a great source of inspiration with people sharing their set ups.

A clean modern and compact desk space beautifully lit with a Philips Hue Light strip.


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Light up your shelves with smart lighting, change the brightness and color creating an eye catching display area of book shelf.


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Light up your fireplace with color using smart lights, a great idea for boring unlit spaces where a splash of color can make a big difference.


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Light up your art work in your home by adding a light strip around the frame. Other ideas here include adding a light under furniture such as sideboards and sofas.


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