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5 Best Apps for Philips Hue 2015


Whereas it’s true that the Philips Hue system is built with its own native apps, it is never a good idea to confine yourself to those apps alone. In fact, by doing so, you’d be restricting yourself from enjoying a lot of cooler features which come with myriads of contending apps out there. Choose the correct app for the Philips Hue system and you’ll be presented with many options that create cool effects.

So if you’re out for some creativity, this list of 5 best apps for Philips Hue 2015 will inspire you. Here we go:

1 Hue Disco

There’s no reason you shouldn’t use Hue Disco app when you own an android or iOS device. This app is unique in that it listens to outside noise coming from the microphone, thus you can play music from just about any device while your smartphone will control the lights.

Buy from $2.99: iTunes Store | Android Store

2 Ambify music light shows

Regardless of whether you’re enjoying music alone or with a group of friends, Ambify will always do what it does best; to sync the hue lights to the music. As a result, it will create special effects that work best with your tunes.

However, with Ambify, you will need access to iTunes library, playlist of music, AirPlay streaming and a music player to complete the setup. In simple terms, this app serves as an all-in-one DJ setup for your mobile device.

Buy from $2.99: iTunes Store

3 OnSwitch

Have you ever wished of throwing a party in a warmer or cooler atmosphere? And how about having a party experience in a forest?

Well, with OnSwitch app, you will be able to use your Hue lights to create different atmospheres according to your liking. For example, the Autumn Leaves effect will give you warm reds, orange, and yellows. If you switch to Albuquerque effect, you will enjoy the theme of the New Mexico desert. And lastly, the crackling log effect will get you in the Christmas mood.

Again, you have to keep watch of what OnSwitch is doing. They’ve been releasing new holiday themes lately. This shows their committed towards coming up with some variety in the future. Lastly, OnSwitch works with LIFX bulbs too — a good alternative to Philips Hue.

Buy for FREE: iTunes Store

4 Magma Hue

The fact remains that the Hue app can get really complicated when it comes to creating a certain light effect. Whereas consumers tend to highly rate non-Philips apps, these apps should still take you some effort to get your lighting up and running the way you expect it.

However, with the Magma Hue, your work is simplified as this app only concentrates on making it easier to get the correct lighting settings. The colors are arranged in grid form. So your job is to tap your most preferred color, then adjust the slider so you can attain the right brightness.

Again, during a party, Magma Hue saves you from the headache of messing around with switches and dials on your smart device. Simply put, this app will let you manage your bulbs effortlessly.

Buy for $0.99 on the iTunes Store

5 Lightbow

With every app that you install on your smart device, you will ultimately sacrifice one thing or another. However, with the Lightbow app, you will enjoy a fully-featured smart app for lighting the entire room. The app works with various bulbs such as LIFX, Hue, and WeMo.

Lightbow presets, animates, and triggers special effects according to your liking. Furthermore, it gives you an opportunity to control one or more bulbs at any given time.

If you have a smart bulb system which lacks an effective control system, it is highly advisable that you choose Lightbow because it creates transition effects while also taking care of multi-step animation loops.

With the single-tap activation feature, you will not have to work harder to get your lighting requirements right. And the most amazing thing you’ll learn about Lightbow is that it will simultaneously control different types of lighting bulbs — a feature that is very important for people who find themselves mixing bulbs all the time.

Buy for $4.99 on the iTunes Store


We would confidently state with all boldness that all the 5 apps listed above are good for one particular purpose; and that is to create a special light hue for your room. But at the same time, there are certain trade-offs that you should expect from each smart lighting app. So choose an app that ticks most items in your list of ideals.

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