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Amazing Hue Bloom ideas for your Home


The Hue Bloom is a mains powered lamp that displays a full spectrum of colors just like a Hue coloured bulb. Instead of just a bulb the Hue bloom is a lamp that you can place anywhere around the home and plug into the mains.

Hue Bloom ideas

With the Bloom there are many ways this can be cleverly used within your setup and home.

Hue Bloom ideas

Below are just a few ideas to help you think how you could use it within your hue system.

Ambient lighting

First off the bloom can be used as just a simple ambient light, directed at a wall it can create a nice mood light, adjusted to  be calming while reading a book, warming in the winter evenings, or even just as a bright light to help brighten up a darker area of the room where your ceiling light may struggle to reach.

Movie Night

How about having one either side your tv, creating a cinema feel to your living room you can use apps to sync the on screen action with your Hue lights, as the action unfolds in the film you can have your Hue Bloom lamps adjust to the main color on screen.

In this video you can see the bloom lamps either side of the tv adjust depending on the color and what is happening on screen. They have also used a light strip behind the TV too, making the light effect even brighter.

Party Night

As the bloom create a bright light effect up the wall they are ideal for getting the party started an creating a stunning party feel within any room of the house. Combining these with apps such as Hue Disco you can have the lights changing color and adjusting to the beat of the music.

This really is a great way to use these, even if you are just listening to music and having a relaxed night in, slowing down the fade of the lights can be relaxing and enjoyable.

Sunset & Sunrise

Using the wake up feature you can create beautiful sunset lighting effects, ideal if you have them in your bedroom, you can set them to fade down before turning off, from a bright white light, to orange, red, getting darker and darker before turning off.

They can also be used to create a sunrise too, getting brighter and brighter before your alarm goes off, this helps you to wake up and helps you to feel more awake when your alarm does sound.

Check out the Hue Bloom below and start making your hue set up even more impressive and dynamic.

Philips Hue 259515 Bloom Smart Lamp, 1 Count (Pack of 1), Multicolor

    How have you used the Hue Bloom in your set up? Any ideas we haven’t thought about?

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