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Ambify Philips Hue App


Ambify is certainly one of the best music apps available for the Philips Hue lighting system. It will adjust your lighting to the music being played, all in sync, lights will flash, or fade up and down, change colour all based on the music. The great thing about this app that makes it different and better is that it is all in sync, there is no delay between the lights and music, it is all in sync, lights will flash with the bass, no delay but all in time.

See the app in action and the lights in sync with music in this video below:

You can also different types of effects, allowing you to program individual bulbs to respond to the bass, mids, and highs in your tunes.

As well as for you phone, you can get an app for your Mac and play tunes from Spotify, iTunes etc through to your speakers or through Airplay. and your lights will work in sync, bring your music to life through light. Find out more here: http://getambify.com/mac.html

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