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About the App

Hue for Kids is a learning app that makes learning fun for young kids. This app makes learning futuristic and immersive by making Philips Hue lights react to actions of a child as he get to know about different colours, fruits, flowers and vegetables. Hue for Kids iOS version is officially a featured app by Philips (

HOW IT WORKS: – On the Hue for Kids app, there are several, swipeable picture cards depicting various Colours, Fruits, Vegetables, Vehicles and Flowers.

With each swipe, the picture on your phone’s screen changes and an automated voice describes what it is. – As your child swipes through the pictures, Philips Hue lights react to, and change colour, according to the colour of the picture on your phone’s screen. – This way, the Hue for Kids app employs audio, visuals, touch and Philips Hue lights to teach your child about various objects in a fun and engaging way.

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