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How to Connect a Dimmer Switch to Hue


Adding a dimmer switch allows anyone to easily adjust the lighting in a room just like a normal light switch removing the need to grab your phone or tablet. With the Philips Hue Dimmer you can create a smooth and effortless dimming for your lights, start your Hue ecosystem with the dimmer switch. It comes in a holder making it a completely portable switch, placing anywhere you need a light switch and giving you the ability to use it as a remote control. The dimmer uses and a included 1 x CR2450 battery so you are ready to go as soon as you get it.

How to Add a Dimmer Switch to Philips Hue

Once you have unboxed the dimmer switch you are ready to add it to your hue system.

  • Open the Hue App on your phone or tablet and go to ‘Settings’
  • My devices > Connect new device
  • Select the dimmer from the two options
  • On the dimmer switch itself pull out the plastic from the battery compartment
  • Select option 1 if this dimmer hasn’t been used before
  • Once connected you can then edit the settings o the dimmer, allowing it to work with certain lights or scenes you have set up.

This video from Philips walks you through the set up process of the dimmer switch.

The dimmer switch can control up to 10 bulbs on your system and makes it easy to turn lights on and off while adjusting the brightness too. The 4 buttons on the dimmer are power on, dim up, dim down and power off. It can be left in the back plate that can be attached to the wall, or removed and used as a wireless remote to control your lighting.

Each dimmer can be used to control certain lights, or a scene you may have set up. If you wish to have multiple dimmers you can use them to control all the same lights, or different lights all within the same room.

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  1. KlippeLars

    So, with the limit of 10 bulbs, this means I would have to get 2 switches to control the 16 (I have a lot of spot lights) in my living room?


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