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FluxSmart Bluetooth LED Bulb Sunrise Light Review


This is a Bluetooth enabled, energy efficient and multicolored smart LED bulb. It allows you to control it from your smartphone or tablet giving you the flexibility you need. The bulb features a color palette of 16 million colors allowing you to personalize your lighting so that it matches your everyday mood. Its colors are also dimmable to enable you to enjoy your setting the way you like.

FluxSmart Bluetooth Review

Due to the wake-up mode featured on the bulb, you can schedule it to turn on or off at specific times. As such, you can be sure to wake up in a house with vibrant colors once you set it to light up some minutes before waking up. More to that, it is a great source of security since it can turn on and off even when absent. Hence, you can be sure to have neighbors or intruders think that you are home even when away.

Flux Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb - Smartphone Controlled Dimmable Multicolored Color Changing Lights - Works with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android Phone and Tablet

    With this bulb, you can design your color changes to allow you to bring favorite memories to life. Whats more, you can use your favorite photos to set up the colors or even pick them from the camera. You can also play music on a smartphone or tablet and enjoy the automatic color change of the lights when you make use of the music sync feature. This allows you to enjoy every bit of the music you play.

    The bulb is simple to use and install. It simply requires you to screw it in, download the “Flux Bluetooth app” on the Google play store, connect, and control your bulbs. You can choose to control each bulb individually or as a group of up to fifty. As such, you do not have to stress out when you need to connect lots of these lamps. The bulb is energy efficient since it only consumes 7.5W. You can be sure of it serving you for up to 20,000 hours after buying.

    Is this a viable alternative to a Philips Hue? This bulb boasts 16 million colors, including warm and cool white. This means that you can choose the perfect color for any desired ambiance. All of the colors are also dimmable.

    This bulb uses a Bluetooth app for control. Though this is convenient because it doesn’t require an Internet connection, the bulbs also cannot be controlled from too far away. This app is also known to lag frequently, and is not compatible with Alexa or any other digital assistant.

    If these flaws don’t deter you from this bulb, you may like to know that other users have been impressed with the long life and customizability of the bulb. They are notable for being great at recreating natural light, and can be adjusted to perfectly suit the user’s needs.

    The Philip Hue lighting system is the newest kid on the block, well when it comes to smart lighting. When this product was first launched to the market, it was a revolutionary product for very many reasons. The first one being the bulb was LED, at a time when LED was just starting to be discovered. The second reason is they were the only LED Smartphone controlled lights you could find; this is for the DIY users. Moreover, the vital point that amazed people, the bulbs were able to change color. However, let us not forget some of the worth alternatives that are on the market. Have a look at these three best alternatives to Philips hue that are available to you in the market.

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