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    When I try to add Hue to Google home, it says the accounts are linked but the page is all blank. Eventually it gives the error: something went wrong,. I can’t ad it

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    Guess I should specify, I have a white ambience starter kit and a Google Home mini. Both of these are on the same wifi network (5G, I think). both are working fine by themselves; i just can’t use the voice features to control the lights.

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    I ran into this very issue. Here is what I did and it worked for me. I have a very large investment into the Google Home platform with 14 Google Mini’s, 2 LG MK7’s, 3 Google Home Max’s, 5 Chromecast Audio’s hooked up to 5 big subwoofers, Bond Ceiling Fan controller, 2 Honeywell wifi controlled thermostats, Nest Hello doorbell, August Smart Locks, etc. Everything worked perfect! It was a lot to link up and setup but definitely worth the effort. Then, I decided to invest into the Hue Color + White lights. I had issues! I thought I did everything OK but Google refused to control the lights. Individually, the Hue lights worked fine. I think I might have set the Hue lights up on from my cell phone on a 5ghz wifi signal. Thinking that I probably screwed up, I ended up unlinking the Philips Hue Lights / Bridge. Rebooted my phone. With everything undone / uninstalled, I started all over from scratch. This time, I used the 2.4ghz signal of my home wifi signal. Set everything up per the instructions. Voila! Now I just say, “OK GOOGLE – turn off my patio lights.” All 12 of my Hue color + white lights turn off. Since it’s our social space, for a few bucks, I even downloaded a 3rd party app called Hue Disco. Works flawlessly!

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