Apple TV with Hue Sync

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    Hello, is there any set up for Apple TV to use Hue Sync natively?

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    Nothing at the moment unless you use something like Dreamsceen which also works with Hue

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    Dean Martin

    I am currently finishing up an app for Apple TV that acts as a bridge from Plex Media Server to Hue. Similar to Hue Sync. Is this something you guys would be interested in? If yes, what would be an acceptable price to ask? Thinking $5.

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    I’m curious as to how you’ve been able to incorporate hue lighting and dreamscreen together. I’ve been able to run the dreamscreen and hue sync apps separately, but have not been able to sync them together minus the control interface philips and dreamscreen say will be available sometime soon this year. Still waiting. On a side note I can only get the hue lighting to react with full screen videos played via YouTube via hdmi to the dreamscreen hub for the philips lighting to work. Netflix and Hulu will not play and errors out when trying to play with hue sync and dreamscreen are active and not liking that hue sync is only usable when issuing playback from a laptop. Hoping for the dreamscreen control for hue lights to be available soon. Please

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    Yes yes yes!!!

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    Very interested in the Apple TV app for hue sync and Plex if anything became of it.

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    MrMC works on apple TV which also links and displays your Plex library. i’m using this to get some Hue Sync action and works well.

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