Hue Sync Set ups

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    Share videos of your Hue setups with Hue Sync… Post youtube video links below 🙂

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    Huge fan of your products and the potential of Hue Sync. For now, I find it works best with music. Can share a video later on, but first a problem and hence room for improvemments

    My issue is that Hue Sync take no (or very little) notice of the vertical position of the lamps. Please see the pictures below. I’m only using 3 lamps, one “above” my TV and two below.

    Pic 1 – The “video” that’s synced:

    Pic 2 – The result (much better in reality than in this pic):

    Pic 3 – The “video” that’s synced:

    Pic 4 – The result. As seen, Hue Sync blends the color into one…… Not really a sync.

    I hope you see the problem and wonder if this is something you’re working on? Especially now with the Hue Play coming out….


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    Hue entertainment areas don’t take into account vertical positioning, only horizontal. Sp Hue play lights either side of the screen will be an average of the color on that side.

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    Yeah, my point exactly. 🙂 Would you agree that the app, and hennce the customer experience would be drastically improved if this was possible?

    To me, it’s quite unbelievable that my “top placed” lamp don’t turn blue when the sky is (finally) clear in game xxx.

    So, my question is really if this is something you are working on?

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