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    Hi, I’m new to Hue bulbs.

    I’m wanting to set a routine to mimick activity within the house when I am not home. This could be for when I on holiday, but also for periods of time when the house is unoccupied in the dark, such as during my commute home from work after sunset when I would prefer some lighting to be activated in my home.

    What I want is for lights to come on and go off randonly, for random periods of time after sunset, until a set time, ie when I would arrive home from work or an evening out. This would mimick movement around the house during the period the house is unoccupied. Is this possible with Hue, other than the ‘Advanced’ presence mimicking which just automates lights to mimic your arrival home from work and bedtime lighting.

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    You can do this using routines, where you can set lights to turn on and off at set times. This would do what you want and you can set up to mimic how it would be if you were actually there.

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    I had kind of hoped for more intelligence and automation with Philips Hue, but it seems my Kasa app for my TP-Link wi-fi plugs have Hue beat on this score.

    Kasa has an ‘Away Mode’, which you can activate when you’re out for the night or on vacation. Kasa will automatically do things like randomly turn on the lights (and off) to make it seem like you’re home. It’s like psychological home security. This is all done by simply selecting ‘Away’ for the Plug, enter the start time (or sunset), and the end time, and Kasa does the random boring stuff with that plug in between. Clever.

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    Hue has Geofencing, so it knows when you are not home, so you can have the lights come on automatically if you wish, so have them turn on when you come home, or as you want have them come on anyway if no one is home.

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    Yes, I understand about Geofencing thanks, but what I am after is auto randomness when I am not at home after sunset, to mimic movement in and out of rooms for increased security. The only randomness Hue offers is randomness of lights turn on start time and lights off start time, not random activity during a set period. Looks like manual creation of routines to replicate this is the only way. Hue produces a multitude of formulas for colour replication, and only a couple for basic presence mimicking / home security, which to me is a basic requirement.

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