Multiple Bridges

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    Ray W

    I have a 2nd generation bridge. I just tried to add new lights to it last night. I was adding 4 color hue bulbs, the hue could only find 1, so I connected a second bridge and it found the other 3 lights. The 3 lights on the second bridge are color but the color is not recognized. So reading about the bridge I see that “Both 1st and 2nd generation bridges can work with up to 63 lights (50 recommended), 63 sensors (Dimmer, Tap, or Motion). I only have 35 lights on my first bridge and 3 on the 2nd bridge.
    And to get the 3 lights on the 2nd bridge to work with Alexa was a nightmare.

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    Anders Aarsoe

    I have two hubs working without any issues -but don’t like they way they are designed to work on the Philips app. Being forced to switch bridges is a pain that takes a lot of the fun out of it.
    In regard to the 50 or 63 units – I think the way Philips count is very different compared to the way I do. I had to add my second hub already after 32 lights and a handful of controllers.
    Then bought the Samsung Smart Hub v2 but could never get it to act the way I wanted it to do.
    So gave up on it. Right now collecting dust. May start again one day if I ever feel I have the energy to do so.

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    But doesn’t Philips Hue online documentation say you can add 50 lights on the one bridge? Are the dimmer switches and motion sensors counted as “one light” device?

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    And presumably all of the Hue lights and devices configured to multiple bridges can be monitored/controlled via the Home app (HomeKit)?

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    I’ve just heard back from Philips Hue saying up to 50 lights and 12 accessories can be added to a Hue Bridge. I’ve been assured that the limitation experienced by other users stating 32 or 35 max lights is an unrelated issue vs the Hue Bridge limitation.

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    To get Alexa to work with two bridges. Use two seperate email logins to the Hue Online App. Connect each bridge using different emails. Allow Alexa Hue App to login using other email.

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