New 2018 Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus

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    Has anyone else bought the new for 2018 Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus and figured out how to get it to go around a corner? I’m fitting it under my kitchen cupboards and want a 90 degree bend as it goes from one wall to the other. With the old version I would have been able to use a 3rd party splitter and an extension strip, which I have already purchased, but with the new hardware the lightstrip is fixed to the controller, so it is not possible to use a splitter between the controller and lightstrip any more.

    Can anyone suggest a solution as I really didn’t want to have to fold the strip around itself to achieve the 90 degree bend. This would result in the corner not being attached to anything and would look ugly.



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    You can cut the strip and then solder it allowing you to extend as your say, easy to do but a little fiddly.

    If you don’t want to cut it, then looping the strip on itself around the corner is the best way to do it, unless you attach it to the wall under the cabinet to it is on the vertical making it easier to bend and neater.

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    What else is new about the light strips? Are they brighter?

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    Thanks for the reply. Sorry I’ve only just noticed it.

    Can you simply cut and re-solder the strip like you can on the gen 1 and gen 2 lightstrips?

    Can you use something like this as well if you’re not great at soldering?

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    In response to the question about the new light strips, I never had the old one to compare, but as far as I’m aware the only difference is the connection to the controller.

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    So you confirm that’s still 1600 lumens and “A” energetic class (when the 1m extensions are +150 lumens per meter and are “A+” energetic class)?


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    Hi there.

    I have bought 2m kit plus 6m of extension llightstrips (6*1m). Together it is 8m. Adapter included in the kit is for ~20W. 1m of strip drains 11,5W according to the box. So after adding the extensions i need to buy a new adapter? In my case at least 92W adapter? In the Philips manual is nothing written about it. It’s just my very soft electrician skills. Could you please advice me if i’m wrong?

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