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    Yesterday I bought a niko dimmer switch to test in my Hue setup. First problem I allready had was that I cannot link it to a version 1 hub. After linking it to a version 2 hub it works. Than after a quick setup I find the performance very poor. One click to power up, long press to dimm and that for all the 4 buttons. So I can control toi light zones. Why is there no second press and third press link the normal hue switch?? So when I second press the white changes to concentrate or other scenes? Now the switch cost me 59 euro and I can only switch on and off and dim the lights? That a lot of money when I want to change my old Niko switches to these new hue switches and a very poor performance…
    I hope Hue will upgrade the software and make ik possible to second press, third press and fourth press the buttons to change the scenes like the original hue switches does!!!

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