on at sunset off in x number of hours

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    David Carr

    I want to have lights turn on at sunset then shut off after several hours. My choice on the app is off at sunrise or “Do Nothing. I


    Bob Brown

    I do not have a solution to your exact issue of ‘on at sunset and off in x number of hours’, but I can offer an alternative which may help in which the light would turn off at an exact time such as 10:30pm.

    In your first routine, you setup to turn on at sunset and off ‘do nothing’. This routine will turn the light on at sunset.

    In another routine, you setup to turn off at 10:30pm. When you create the routine, set the ‘When should it start?’ to 10:30pm (or whatever time you would like); remember to select the days of the week; set your Fade as desired; under ‘What should happen?’ set the room under ‘Where?’; and then set the scene to ‘off’ for that room; and save.

    I agree that it is unfortunate the routine for on at sunset does have a corresponding off at a time or hours, and that my solution requires 2 routines (which are not obviously connected), but this is the workaround I am using.

    If someone has a better solution, please share.


    Philip Inglesant

    I have the exact same question and I can’t for the life of me see why it’s not possible to set lights to come on at sunset and off later in the evening. Surely lots of people must want this? Why on earth would people want their living room, say, to stay on all night?
    Anyway, I have tried the solution suggested above, to have two routines, one which just turns on at sunset and another which turns off after 10pm.
    However, Hue knows much better than I do how to run my own life, and simply de-activates the second routine. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Yesterday the lights turned off at the time I asked them to. Today, not.
    I just want to set and forget. I don’t expect my other household objects to re-organise themselves when I’m not looking, I expect things to stay the way I put them. Why is Philips Hue different? This makes it useless, as far as I am concerned.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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