Preset routines not always working

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    Lights don’t always turn on/off at preset times. Sometimes they do and often they don’t. Any ideas what could be causing this. Bridge (in garage) only about 20’ away from bulbs (outside with ~ -7 temp.). Works fine on manual on/off.

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    Power issue with the bulb? Signal to the bridge somehow effected?

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    No known power issues with bulbs, bridge seems to be connected each time I check. Wondering why (even in the event of brief disconnection) timed routines don’t automatically resume. Shouldn’t they?
    Going to try deleting current routines and start over again, who knows???
    Thanks for your reply.

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    Well……that did it!
    Deleting current routines and starting new seems to have fixed it. Everything is now working the way it’s supposed to. So no problem with colder temperatures for bulbs or bridge (yet). Hoping to still be able to say this later this winter when it gets down to -25c!

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    Thanks for the update and fingers crossed no more issues.

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    Sorry to say it……..but problems keeps coming back. Routines not always working, again. May work one day perfectly but off again the next day. At times, bulbs will turn off just an hour or so after coming on, while they should stay on for about 5-1/2 hours. It’s frustrating and I’m about to give up on this product. Not reliable at all, just regret buying it in the first place.

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    I have finally come to the conclusion the “routines” feature just do not work. Something is definitely messed up with the system. Have changed my mind about the value of this product, it looks, feels and sounds good only at first. Not so once put to use.

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    Might be worth speaking to someone at Hue support to see what they suggest, may have to do a reset to remove anything that could be causing the issue.

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    Thanks, I will try resetting it, if unsuccessful will go to support.

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    I’m unable to get a routine to work. Am I missing something? I am using a19 bulb

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    I am having the exact same problem. The routines don’t work. I have tried using the sunset/sunrise feature as well as specific times and the lights do not come on or go off when scheduled. I can turn lights on and off using the app whenever I want but no luck otherwise. The whole reason for buying the product was to use the “routine” of schedule feature. Turning a light on an off using an app is cool, but really not necessary. I am not that feeble that I cannot get up and hit a switch.

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    The coming home routine is not working for me. Any working solutions for this issue?

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    Still not working September 2018. Phillips hue….what are you doing about this?

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    bryan clayman

    Routines Not Working after Bridge Update. Turns on but will not turn off. Only works manually by turning off with the app.

    Functioned perfect prior to the most recent update.

    What is the fix ????? When is the next update????

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    Hi, trying to explain this, i’m not a native speaker sorry.

    Same problem. One routine with fixed times (05:00pm – 11.00pm) will turn on but won’t turn off. During testing however, I added a routine from 05:00pm till 06:00pm and it worked fine. I added that routine to the hue app let’s say on 03:00pm so I added it during the time that lies outside the schedule. When the routine worked, I deleted the test routine and entered the original routine to the hue app (5pm – 11pm) at 6:10pm. Again it didn’t turn off at 11pm. It’s almost that when you make changes during the time that falls within the schedule of the routine, thing dont work. The end time of the routine isn’t processed.

    I also removed and again added the particular bulb to my bridge but that didn’t make a difference.


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