Preset routines not always working

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    I was lead to believe that HUE was a mature product, but if they can’t do a simple thing like turn a light bulb on at a certain time then something is wrong at HUE.

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    I’ve been using IFTTT routines instead of Hue. That seems to work consistently.

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    Same issue here. One day they work the next they don’t. Tried everything and no luck. Phillips stuff isn’t cheap either. I spent well over 500 for my setup. Sick of cheap companies. Phillips needs to fix this period!!!

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    Light won’t turn on when routine set. It does turn off at scheduled time. I can turn it on with Alexa command. Tried Sunrise/ Sunset as well and light does not turn on but turns off.Have deleted routine several times and reset. Even switched bulbs and rest serial #.

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    mike carnley

    This looked like a good answer to those mechanical timers to schedule lights, but it is looking like they are not that reliable: obviously some bad programming coming from Philips on this system. I have two routines programmed. One so far has worked well, but the other was suppose to turn the lights off and failed. I am wondering how often the lights communicate with the bridge?

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    Same here. Recently received Hue and tried all sort of combinations with routines amd non of them worked. Updated and cleaned up the bridge. Still nothing.
    Bulbs can be dimmed but timers/routines don’t work.

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    Hi everyone, I bought the Philips Hue kit, 7x bulbs split for various rooms. I have set up times through the app but but have noticed that sometimes the timers work and others they do not. Does anyone know if the timers switch off if you manually override the lights through the app?
    e.g.. timer on from 4pm – 10pm. but I then lights on at 3:30pm because it is a little dark. Does that mean the timer doesn’t switch on and so won’t switch them off at the set time of 10pm?

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    I find that my routine settings are frequently resetting themselves. I will come home and my lights won’t come on and haven’t for a few days. I open the Hue app and the routine I’ve set has removed the rooms completely, both for leaving and arriving. This also happened after an app update before.

    Someone should check why the app is losing settings.

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    We’re having the same problems – first night everything worked great now it’s random. Is it possible that Alexa is overriding the Hue skill somehow? We bought the system explicitly for the routines.

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    Mine are not turning off either since the update – I have removed the routines and put them in again

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    I’ve had the same issue with the lights not switching / turning / shutting off, and I think it’s because the setting for lights on the home screen overrides the enabled routines.

    If you switch the bulb on manually and keep on beyond the start time in the routine, it won’t switch off at the designated time. So you have to switch the bulb off using a Hue enabled App or switch before the routine starts.

    Will have to investigate further.

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    Hi all, there maybe a work around. I had the same issues and deleted my routines from the Hue app and set them up in Home Kit.
    The same problem occurred, so I deleted those Home Kit routines and re-started on the Hue app again, but instead of selecting a bunch of days and setting for example, Monday to Friday turn on at x and turn off at y. I did each day individually. And it’s been a week and all of the routines have been activated on time.hope this helps.

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