Smart bulbs are not so smart… :(

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    I changed bulbs in the whole house few days ago for RGB Hue E14,E27. 30 bulbs in total The light is perfect, I really love it. But real live with this lighting is horror. I had imagination before I bought it, that I will set some easy routines for easy smart live and I did not expect that I wanted so much.
    At 7AM, all bulbs in house will switch to some white daily light
    At 7PM all bulbs will switch to evening candle light with low intensity
    At 8PM all bulbs will switch to red light with no blue color in spectrum
    But this very easy thing is not possible. You can set the routines, but it means all bulbs switch ON even in rooms I don´t use (garage, 2nd toilet, etc.) . You can´t change colors in rooms where somebody is sleeping without switching the bulbs ON. So this system just pretend that it is smart, but in reality it is very stupid. You have to do all manually from app. So at the end, I wanted to have less light during evening and night time and the result is, that I have my cell phone in hands, looking on screen and visiting all rooms in my house to change color on phone, and than switch the light off. And if you want to change color in room where children sleep, you have to switch the bulb ON and wake them up. The same situation in the morning. If you want to switch light to daily light, you have to switch ON bulbs as well in rooms where people are still sleeping. I thought that dimmer could solve it, but there is the same situation, you can not change mode without switching bulbs on. Really stupid system and uselles. Do you have any idea or solution?

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    Apple Homekit

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