Using a scene to turn a light off

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    I have Philips hue remote and would like to configure it in such a way that one light would come on and another would go off.

    I have a 3x GU10s fitted into the main light fixture in the living room and a small lamp in the corner. I have the remote fitted neatly onto the existing light switch and works well.

    However my issue is trying to switch one of the lights off without the other also going off.

    I’d like the set up to run something like this.
    1st press = Main light 100% brightness warm white and lamp off
    2nd press = Lamp 50% Warm white and main light off

    Is there anyway to achieve this? i figure as the app gives you an option to control 2 rooms it would likely have a ‘off’ function on some of the lights without having to turn all of them off.

    As a work around so far I’ve made a scene to be set to 1% brightness but it’s clear that the light is still on kinda ruining the desired effect in my living room, is there a way to save a scene as 0% brightness to trick the light into showing as off?

    Thanks in advance for any help



    You don’t need to have all the lights on in a scene. When you edit the scene, tap one of the light bulbs, displayed in the rainbow circle and switch it off.

    Make a first scene with main light on and lamp off. Make a second one with the main light off and the lamp on. (I’d make some more with combinations of on/off and brightnes etc.)

    Program the dimmer to toggle between the scenes…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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