Will Phillips Hue A19 bulb work in exterior fixture w/light & motion sensors

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    I have a set of light fixtures next to my front door that I installed several years ago. Each fixture has a built in light & motion sensors such that the lights only come on when daylight is diminished (before it really gets dark) and when the lights are on, if motion is detected, they get brighter. Each fixture covers the bulb from all sides with glass, though the bottom is open. Additionally, my front door is off of my front porch so the fixtures are not exposed to rain or snow, but we do get a little chilly in the winter (down into lower 30s).

    I am considering replacing the standard yellow 60W bulb with Phillips Hue A19 white & color dimmable bulbs. I already have dimmable white bulbs in several rooms in my house & use the Hue Apps on my Android phone.

    My question, quite simply, will these bulbs work in my existing light fixtures?

    Appreciate your sagely advice


    The bulbs will work in them yes, the issue is the motion sensor. The bulbs need constant power for you to use them via your app, however if they only get power when the motion is detected then they will come on in the bight white light.

    There will be an update soon that will allow them to save their last state, so when powered if it was set to red, then they would light up red.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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