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iConnectHue and HueDynamic Add ‘Last on State’ Feature


Philips have released an app update allowing you to use the Last on State and ‘Power-on behaviour’. This function allows your lights to go back to their current color or a different color when the power is turned off and back on again via the mains. At the moment the Hue bulbs would go to a bright white state when turned back on.

Philips Hue ‘Last on State’

While this update to the Hue app does the job, third party apps iConnectHue and HueDynamic have released an update to their comprehensive and powerful apps allowing access to this function and giving more options then the two provided on the official Hue app.

iConnectHue for iOS

iConnectHue is a powerful app designed for iPhone and iPad that gives you all the function of the Hue app plus a lot lot more. Within the app you can now set the state and color your Hue bulbs go when powered back on at the mains power.

iConnect Hue Last State

In the update blurb it says –

“It’s not long until Christmas – but we already have some presents for you: A functionality to define the startup behaviour of your lights after losing power! By now you can access this setting for each light under the “i” symbol, which reveals our brand new light controller! This controller tells you more details about the light, iConnectHue will tell you what you can do to with this light and help you with its firmware update.

These startup modes are available:

  • Warm white – as you know it
  • Last state – if off then off, if on then on
  • Last color – always turn on with last color
  • Color – define which color your lights should turn on with”

We have reviewed the iConnectHue app here, certainly worth considering if you are an Apple user.

hueDynamic Pro for iOS and Android

With HueDynamic you can choose between 3 options, safety, which is bright white as it works now, ‘power failure’, a good option that prevents the lights coming on in the night if they are turned off. If the light is off then it will remain off when it has power again, otherwise it will go to its last state. And finally ‘Last on state’ which will go back to whatever the last setting was when it was on.

A fourth option will be added in the comings days to let you set the color too.

In the release notes they said – “HueDynamic Pro ( has now been updated to allow you to set the new Philips start-up mode for supported lights that have been upgraded to the latest Hue firmware. Philips are releasing the new firmware to batches of lights over the next few weeks, starting with the newer products. Many have already been updated, so now no need to wait for the Philips app.”

If you want to find out more about the official Hue app update and the new ‘Power-on behaviour’ function then click here.

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