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Philips Hue Announce Lights For your TV – Pre-Order Now


As Philips continue to expand the range of Hue lights, they have now announced details of lights designed for your TV. With the release of Hue Sync this is ideal for incorporating with.

Hue Lights for your Entertainment Area

Philip have released two light designs perfect for your Entertainment area working beautifully with Hue Sync.

Philips Hue Play

A base kit with two Plays, two base stands and the power supply will cost you $130, one bar to go on the left hand side and the other on the right hand side of the TV. You can connect up to 3 Hue Plays with a single power supply. The additional Hue Play will cost $60 on their own.

With the play you can attach them to the back of your TV so it acts like an ambilight screen, you would have one on the left, right and then horizontally across the top. This creates Bias Lighting, so light shows around the screen to match the colors on screen, the image below shows this effect.

Philips Hue Play

The Philips Hue Play Light bar has the usual 16 million colors, and is up to 530 Lumen (6W). They can be placed vertically or horizontally and measure 9 inches in length. In the set you get 2 play lights, a power plug which can connect up to 3 lights, and then attachments to mount on the back of your TV, or standing them upright vertically as shown in the image above.

Pre-orders for Hue Play will go up in mid-September and then the collection will launch in mid-October.

The Hue Play has two external body colors, black or white each with a price tag of  $70 for a single unit and the power supply.

These lights work just like all other Hue lights and bulbs working through the Hue app. they are added and controlled in exactly the same way.

Key Points

  • Length: 25.3 centimeters
  • Height: 3.6cm
  • Width: 4.4cm
  • Lifetime up to: 25,000  hours
  • Brightness: 530 lumens
  • Colors: 16 million
  • Availability: from 15th October, already pre-orderable

Unboxing Video

Although not realised a video has surfaced on Youtube that shows someone unboxing and testing the Hue Play lights.

Pre-Order Now

The Hue Play is available for pre-order with a release date expected in the UK on 8th November according to Amazon UK. You can order a set which comes with 2 play bars, and a power adapter, in either black or white. You can then buy an additional play bar light on its own in black or white to match. This doesn’t come with the power adapter, just the light only

Order here in the UK

Philips Hue Signe

As well as the Hue Play lights they have also announced the Hue Signe, a similar in function to the Play, tower the design is slimmer and taller. It is a tall slim pole like design that emits like, almost like a stylish light saber from one side.

Hue Signe

The Signe Table Light will cost $159.99 and the Signe Floor Light will cost $249.99. Both fixtures will be available for pre-order in early September and then launch in early October.

The stylish Signe emits light onto and up the walls, making them ideal for lighting up corners or dark areas of a room. The designs are the same just the height and size differs, one being a floor lamp and the other a table lamp.

The floor light measure 59 inches in height, while the table lamp is  24 inches tall.

Both new products will be up for preorder by the end of September, with units slated to ship out in October.

Key Points

  • Length: Table Lamp: 62.8cm / Floor lamp: 149cm
  • Lifetime up to: 25,000  hours
  • Brightness: 1,000 / 2,500 lumens
  • Colors: 16 million
  • Availability: from september 6, already pre-orderable

Editors Thoughts

These look great, and are designed with Hue Sync in mind, we now have the physical lights, we have the technology and we have the Hue Sync app, we now just need that link from your TV be it through the smart TV apps themselves such as Netflix and Prime, or a HDMI bypass to allow the lights to sync with the on screen action. With everything set up nicely now it surely is just a matter of time.

What do you think to these new lights?

How to order?

These lamps are available to preorder via Philips at the moment with an expected release and dispatch in October. We shall update with more details when released.

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