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Philips Launches Hue System App


A new supporting feature has been added to Apple’s Homekit framework to its Hue Smart Light bulb product line by Philips. New report reveals.

This Philips Hue system app comes with excellent functionality. However, current Hue users will be a bit disadvantaged because they will be compelled to buy a brand new bridge as the one available is not compatible with the Homekit. This still raises the question as to why Philips did not consider such an important factor before coming up with the new app.

The new brand is expected to have a general impact on the users. They will be required to adjust accordingly for compatibility purposes. If they want to enjoy the numerous advantages associated with the new Philips Hue System app, they will have to spend double in order to buy the new kit and bridge 2.0 for it to work.

This home kit will change the manner in which you use connected objects around your home. You will begin by controlling Homekit compatible devices using Siri. This shall be followed by grouping them together. A case example is where you connect your garage door and light bulb so that any moment you open or close it, light switches on automatically.

At the moment, Philip’s Hue Application is only limited to supporting the Siri part. This implies that it is practically impossible to merge Hue Lights with other products. However, this could be subject to change in the near future through a possible software update to fix incompatibility issues. In the event that you have other products which support pairing with Homekit products, it is practically possible to add Hue lights from their apps.

Examples of Homekit devices makers are ecobee3, Elgato, Ihome, Isteon, Lutron, iDevices and schlage. Updated software or hardware products are still being worked on by manufacturers. With time they will be released into the market so that users can access them. This will aid them in the use of Philip’s Hue System App as some of the limitations will expected to be addressed in the updated versions.

After the installation of the new Hue bridge and the subsequent updating of the app, as a user you can give it verbal instructions to help you in adjusting the lights to your preferred level of brightness.

The Hue Bridge 2.0 goes for $60. Current Hue users will be given a discount of 20%.The product will be in the market by October 6th as stand alone or together with other updated Hue Light bulbs.

The functionality of the existing bridge doesn’t match that of the Homekit due to hardware restrictions. The latest bridge doesn’t have any subsidiary features, except a new app icon shaped design. It is white in color.

The color bulbs differ in their degree of brightness. The updated color bulb have shown to be somehow brighter as compared to the current ones at 800 lumens instead of 600. The white bulbs too have a brighter variant at 800 lumens instead of 750. Another feature that was updated is the Lightstrip. Surprisingly, all the new bulbs have an increased internal storage leaving one wondering of what use is the added storage capacity in bulbs. Well, that is up to Philips.

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