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The Best Smart Deadbolts & Locks


Smart deadbolts are highly gaining popularity among most home and business owners. The reason behind this is because the smart locks are much secure and effective than the regular door locks. They do have some advanced features that are making people to prefer them over standard locks.

Smart Deadbolts for your Home

Do you intend on buying a smart deadbolt? Are you wondering which is the best smart deadbolt for you? This article will provide you with a review of the best smart deadbolts and we will also give you some tips to consider when buying a smart deadbolt.

The August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is capable of working with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home kit, and Android Assistant. It allows you to hand out temporary access with the aid of virtual keys. You can automatically lock or unlock it as long as your phone is in close proximity with the deadbolt. The August smart lock also gives you a record of the people who will go in or out. It can be easily installed in your deadbolt system. For a better deadbolt experience, you can opt to invest in the August Connect and use it with your Amazon Echo. As a result, you will be able to control the lock via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Hub - Wi-Fi Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and more – Dark Gray

    Candy House Sesame Smart Lock

    Are you a renter whose landlord won’t allow you to change your locks? Then the Candy House Sesame Smart Lock is your ideal type of lock. The installation process of the Candy House sesame is what makes it a suitable smart deadbolt for a person in such a situation. All you have to do is attach it to the existing cylinder deadbolt lock by using the adhesive strips. You can then pair your lock with your phone. Despite the fact that both you and your landlord will be using the same keys, you will be in control of every opening and closing of your door.

    CANDY HOUSE Sesame Smart Lock, 2nd Gen Technology (Matte Black)

      The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock 2nd Generation

      The advantage of the Kwikset Kevo is that the installation procedure is quite easy. All you need is a screwdriver and then follow the installation guide on the app. It won’t take you more than ten minutes to install it. Once that’s done you can conveniently lock or unlock your home by using your phone. For a better smart lock experience you can decide to dig a little deeper into your pockets and purchase the Kevo Plus in-app upgrade that will allow you to remotely lock or unlock your smart deadbolt from anywhere. It will also help you in tracking your door status with the aid of the app.

      Kwikset - Kevo 99250-202 Kevo 2nd Gen Bluetooth Touch-to-Open Smart Keyless Entry Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock Featuring SmartKey Security, Satin Nickel

        The Kwikset Premis

        The Kwikset Premis is also another excellent smart lock that is ideal for a person with an established Homekit household. It allows you to lock or unlock your door by simply using your iPhone. You can also ask Siri to lock the door for you. Additionally, it features a touchscreen keypad that enables you to come up with both temporary and permanent codes. The locking time is 5 seconds, though not the fastest but it is better than a lot of other smart deadbolts.

        Kwikset 99190-001 Premis Traditional Arched Touchscreen Keyless Entry Smart Lock Apple HomeKit Featuring SmartKey Security in Satin Nickel

          The Kwikset Kevo Convert

          The Kwikset Kevo concert is an affordable smart deadbolt that will help secure your home or premises. This particular smart lock allows you to retain the exterior lock and keys because it only replaces the inner deadbolt system. You can call a professional locksmith to install it for you or you can simply do it yourself with the help of their informative guide on the Kwikset app. The Kwikset Kevo convert takes 10 seconds to lock and unlock.

          Kwikset 99250-102 Satin Nickel Kevo 2nd Gen Deadbolt Convert

            The Yale Real Living Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt

            The Yale Real Living Key Free is a key-free deadbolt. With this type of smart lock you don’t have to worry about forgetting your keys anymore. Plus, it makes it hard for burglars to try and pick the lock. It’s small in size and has a stylish design. You can program it with 25 different unique codes. However, the Yale Real Living Key Free smart deadbolt doesn’t have its own app. But you can incorporate into your smart home systems and control it from there.

            Yale Security YRD246NR619 Yale Assure LOCK Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt In Satin Nickel (YRD246-NR-619)

              The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

              The Schlage Sense smart deadbolt is a favorite among many users and has lots of positive reviews on online forums. It’s quite easy to use and is by far the fastest smart lock in the market. It only takes around two seconds to lock or unlock it. The Schlage Sense also comes with a step by step guide that teaches you everything you need to know about the smart lock. It allows you to create a maximum of 30 unique passcodes. It also features an inbuilt alarm sensor that go off in case of any type of unforced entry. The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is also Apple Home kit compatible. Meaning that you can lock/unlock it by asking Siri to do it for you via your Apple device. It was also updated last year and is now compatible with Android devices.

              SCHLAGE BE479 CAM 716 Aged Bronze Steel Electronic Deadbolt

                Some Factors to Consider When Buying a Smart Deadbolt

                If you are buying a smart deadbolt, it’s advisable to invest in a lock that won’t only secure your home but one that will conveniently serve you for the longest time possible. Here are some things to consider when buying a smart deadbolt.

                The Lock Type

                There are two types of locks. A deadbolt and a lever style lock. The difference between the two is that the lever style lock has a lever whereas the deadbolt doesn’t. The deadbolt is a better choice because its installation process is easier and faster.

                The Keypad

                When purchasing a smart lock, you can either decide to buy one with a keypad and a traditional key, or one with only a key or a keypad. An example of a smart deadbolt that only has a key is The Yale Real Living Key Free. On the other hand the Kwikset Kevo doesn’t have a keypad so you will have to lock or unlock it using your phone.

                The Alarm

                Always make sure you buy a smart deadbolt with an inbuilt alarm system. This will ensure that burglars won’t have an opportunity of breaking into your home. Additionally, a smart lock should allow you to adjust the alarms sensitivity.

                Compatibility with Smart Home Systems

                It wouldn’t make sense for you to purchase a smart lock that isn’t compatible with your smart home system. Confirm before purchase if the smart deadbolt will be compatible with your smart home system.

                There are a lot of smart deadbolts out there from different manufacturers. Finding a suitable one can be difficult. To save you all the hassle, the above are the seven best smart deadbolts in the market. They will help safeguard your home and will make locking and unlocking your door a convenient task. Before purchasing one, make sure you go through the important factors to consider provided above.

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