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Users To Benefit As Philips Siri App Takes Centre Stage


The quick-witted Hue Lighting system that was introduced by Philips has just began to become more adaptable. This comes after a period of anxiety among Hue users who have been yearning to have control over their lights by making use of their mobile phones.

The Dutch company has launched an improved form of its Hue Bridge with support for Apple’s HomeKit thus making it easy for users to control their hue lights with their phones. This latest development will also enable many of them to work with other devices that are HomeKit enabled.


The intellect behind Philips Hue System is Philip Hue Bridge. Unlike before, this amazing technology will make it possible for users to have exclusive control over their lights by making use of their mobile phones. This shall become practical at the comfort of their homes in an easy and most efficient way. Hue Bridge 2.0, which is arguably the latest mobile technology currently trending on the global market, will be enable mobile phone operators to control and manage up to 50 lights and 12 additional Hue attachments.

The increased compatibility of Apple’s HomeKit implies that mobile phone operators will now be able to use Siri app on an Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch to manage their Hue system. This will subsequently lead to an increase in the use of Siri app among many users of different types of mobile phones that are compatible with the app.

Besides enabling user s to give verbal instructions to their lights, this new 2.0 Hue Bridge from Philips comes with numerous advantages and a wide range of applicability. It will also make them be able to load pre-saved lighting profiles for many lights. In addition, it will allow users to place compatible devices in a similar manner.


By working in close associated with Philip’s Hue App, Hue Bridge 2.0 makes users to adjust the brightness and color of their lights; singular and multiple lights. The bridge also merges with other third party applications that are needed to connect Hue Lights to other Apple HomeKit enabled services. This will benefit many user who may want to exploit the new technology to the maximum.

On the contrary, the initial round Hue Bridge doesn’t give support to Apple HomeKit. Consequently, current user who may wish to make use of this functionality will be compelled to upgrade their devices. This means that users will have to spend some money in order to buy Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 for compatibility purposes.

However, this move is likely to be met with mixed reactions from some of the users who may feel that they are becoming financially pressed. For this reason , Philips is coming in support of its customers by offering a discount of 33% to the existing users on the Hue Bridge 2.0.This will make it cheap and affordable to many of its customers especially when we compare the reduced price with usual $60. Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 is currently found in Europe and North America.

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