Welcome to Hue Home Lighting! I’m Mike and I set this site up myself back in 2014.

After changing bulbs over in my home and using a whole range of apps I decided create a place for other people like me that have the bug too.

I started to install Smart lights in my home around 2014, I then decided to create a place to see what others had done, review apps I had use, and create useful guides for others on everything Hue related.

Philips Hue Boxes

As you can see from the image above it shows just a few of the boxes I have left from my Hue bulbs. I have a bit of a thing for the light strips and slowly but surely all rooms are becoming lit with Hue.

I have bought, tested and used far too many Hue bulbs and lights to name, test far to many apps from the good to the bad, and even modified Hue to my needs.

Hue Home Lighting is a place for fans, users and developers of all things Hue. We review Hue products, apps and other supported lights and switches from other third parties. With helpful guides, how to’s and lots of inspiration on how to use your smart lights in your home.

We aim to bring the latest news and rumours for any new Hue products and updates, always looking out for new creative apps and ways to make smart home lighting even better.

I love seeing what others have done and love sharing guides and reviews on different apps and Hue products, I cannot wait too see what is next for smart bulbs and new features that will come. I aim to share the latest news, reviews and guides for all things Hue. If you would like to share your set up, or have some tips or guides you want to share then drop me a message below.

Also if you have any questions regarding Hue or wish to share your app or set up then do drop me a message and I will try and help.

Many thanks, Mike.





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This is an expert guide site which aims to round up popular apps, clever designs and uses of the hue and looking at fantastic apps that will take your lighting system to the next level.