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Phillips Hue combines energy-efficient LED light with intuitive technology and together the light, bright and smart controls will always change the way you control and experience light. You’ll love using them and enjoy choosing from millions of colors have a look at these different types of Phillips Hue bulbs and like at least one of them.

Light bulbs, especially the Philip's Hue line, are among the maiden connected-home products that folks purchase. Controlling light using your voice or smartphone brings with it an amazing feel. Additionally, it makes an incredible demo.

Philips Hue Lights, Types & Accessories

Below we have rounded up and grouped the main different Hue bulbs and switches you can buy, there is also a whole range of Hue lamps too which we shall cover in this page.

Hue White

Color A19

Hue White

White Ambiance A19

Hue White Spot

White Ambiance GU10

Hue White Bulbs

White Ambiance BR30

Hue Lighstrip

Lightstrip - 2m

Hue Lighstrip Extension

1m Lightstrip Extension

Hue Outdoor Lighstrip

Outdoor Lightstrip

Hue Motion Sensor

Hue Sensor

Outdoor Motion Sensor

Outdoor Sensor

Hue Bridge

Hue Bridge

Differences Between Philips Hue Bulbs

Throughout the years, Philips has expanded its bulb line up to include an array of different Hue lights and bulb types.

Whether you want to add an internet-connected bulb to an already automated home, or you are deciding on the maiden home automation gizmo, this primer aims to help you understand the difference between all of Philip’s Hue light bulbs.

Philips Hue lights all work and integrate with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit allowing you to use your voice to change the lights.

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Starter Kits

If you are new to Philips Hue then a starter kit is the place to start, it is the best value and cheaper to get some bulbs to get you going, and it also includes a Hue bridge which is also needed. One bridge will work with up to 50 bulbs officially.

All starter kits come with a Hue bridge, you can then select a pack that has the types of bulbs you would want, from colored bulbs or just white, to the different bulb type fitting. It is a good idea to think about which bulbs you are replacing and the type of fitting they require, and also if you want to go for coloured or white bulbs depending how you intend to use them and the rooms they are going in.

The starter pack includes 2-4 bulbs depending on the kit, which can simply screw into your current lamps and Hue Bridge which you can plug into your home Wi-Fi router. You can control up to fifty bulbs on a single bridge. You can create lighting scenes based on your favorite photos it will signal a new era to your home lighting both in the way you think about as well as experience light in your homes. It will enable you to create and control your light using your Tablet or Smartphone. This item will bring endless possibilities to aid you get creative and also personalize your lighting to suit your family’s lifestyle.

Philips Hue White vs Ambiance

We review all the Hue bulbs on the market, the benefits  of some bulbs over others and what is best for what.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

This Phillips Hue starter kit comes complete with 3 color LED light bulbs and a bridge that has the ability to connect to about 50 lights, wirelessly. The bridge comes in handy in controlling the lights simply as all you need is a Smart device, you can make your adjustments right from any point as long as you are Wi-Fi connected, and you have the Hue app installed in your device.

This product is also diverse allowing you to use it with other apps such as Apple Home Kit, Nest, as well as SmartThings. The bulbs are brighter so its works in different settings. It gets even better with the ability to sync your lights with your music, television, as well as games to bring out that desired effect.

This starter kit is ideal for individuals looking to bring out a desired effect depending on the activity n question. The white variance allows you to brighten or dim your bulbs. In addition, it is advisable for individuals having devices operating on varying operating systems.

From starter kits to bulbs, we look at the different bulbs that you can purchase for the Hue system.

Whats the difference between Philips Hue White Vs White Ambiance?

The Hue White lights allow you to control brightness only. The Hue White Ambiance lights also allow you to adjust colour temperature.

Hue White

The Philips Hue White Ambience bulb is the cheapest of the White & Color bulbs. This bulb features a more conventional shape. Unlike other bulbs, you cannot change the colors or temperature of the white. Nonetheless, you can be able to dim it just like with any other soft-white bulb.

The hue white A19 LED bulbs will connect to your hue bridge and even extend your automated lighting ecosystem. It is simple and smart and it will give you beautiful warm white light which can be brightened and also dimmed to suit your occasion. When you use the hue bridge, you will control lights remotely anywhere you go. If you are away on vacation or working late, you can make it seem like you’re at your home even when you’re not. You won’t have to worry if you have left your lights on or off. You simply switch your light to correct setting wherever you go. It doesn’t require rewiring, installation or even electrician. It is simple but functional.

Use the bulb the set the perfect atmosphere for any moment. Decorate your interiors with some warm and cool white lights. Enjoy an array of styles throughout the year. Get a crisp white light that reminds you of spring breeze or an ice cool daylight that reminds you of winter or a warm white light that reminds of a summer sun.

Hue White Ambience

It is the latest Hue bulb from Philips. After much anticipation, it’s finally available for purchase. This bulb sits between the Hue White bulb and the Hue White & Color bulb. It is impossible to change the bulb to different colors. However, you can change temperatures from warm soft white to bright day light. The bulb costs $30.

It brings with it a starter kit that consists of a Hue Bridge, a Hue Dimmer Switch and 2 Hue White Ambience bulbs.

The Hue White Ambience helps you step out of bed just the way you like it. Begin your day in a refreshed way. Its light brightness usually increases slowly thus mimicking the effect of sunrise hence helping you wake up in the most natural way rather than waking up courtesy of a loud alarm sound. When the evening sets in, the relaxing warm white light of the bulb will certainly help you to not only relax and unwind, but also prepare your body effectively for a great night’s sleep.

There is no better way to brighten your days than with this bulb. For sure, light plays a huge role in influencing our routines, alertness, behavior, and mood. The bulb’s ambience enables you to feel much better. Customize your day-to-day routines to memorable and enjoyable memories. Feel the difference courtesy of this bulb.

Another great attribute of this amazing bulb is has to do with relaxation. Put your feet up and enjoy utmost relaxation with the soft glow of the white light for the ideal end of the day. The relaxing white light helps you unwind during the evenings as well as enjoy much better sleep at night.

Hue White and Color Ambiance

This is a dimmable bulb that has the ability to turn to any sort of color. Use it to set up the perfect mood for a horror movie by utilizing a deep red lighting. Alternatively, you can pump up a party with some bright blue lighting. With the bulb, you can also begin your day with some soft white light.

With the bulb, you can be able to enjoy high concentration levels. Remain focused with a finely tuned bright white light. Get things done efficiently and quickly without any distractions. It does not matter whether you’re studying for your exam, working at home or even selecting the best outfit to bring out the best in you; this is truly the ideal bulb.

Are you looking for the best bulb to help you feel energized? If yes, then this is your best bet. Skip your morning coffee; get ready for your day with a bright and cool white daylight, which helps you energize your mind and body. It’s ideal for those moments whenever your batteries are low and you terribly need a kickstart.

Which Gen?

There are currently 3 gens of Hue bulbs, below are images of each and the differences.

difference between hue generations

This thing will turn on your peace of mind since you will control your lights from anywhere. You can set light schedules to light the Hue lamps when you approach your home or control the lights when you’re away from home and you can control your lights using remote wherever you’re. It will also turn on your imagination and allow you to play with light and select from millions of colors! You can also turn on living by syncing the Phillips Hue lights with your movies, music and even your games. It is compatible with Apple HomeKit technology.

Hue Bulbs

As well as the stand hue white and color bulbs there are a few others too.

Hue E12 Decorative Candle

For smaller light fittings there is also the E12 candle bulb that can be purchased as a White Ambiance or white and color bulb. It is a slim bulb and looks like a generic ‘normal’ candle bulb that you are likely to be replacing.

Hue Lux – Discontinued

Although the Hue Lux bulb was discontinued officially, you can still find it on auction sites and some online retailers. Essentially, it almost resembles the Hue White bulb although boasts a relatively lower output. According to some folks, these bulbs seem to emit less heat too.

Are you in the market for the best Hue bulb that does soft white only? If yes, then there is no reason you should settle for a Hue Lux bulb rather than the newer Hue White, unless it is cheaper. This bulb can still work perfectly with the Philips Huge Bridge. Therefore, you shouldn’t experience any problems with the newer setup if you are a Lux bulb owner already.

Philips Hue Recessed Lights

If you have recessed lights in your home then these can be replaced with Hue bulbs, be it a GU10 spotlight bulb type, or a Philips Hue flood light (BR30) bulb. This style of lightbulb is designed to be used in floodlights and overhead recessed lighting, be it in a kitchen, hall way or other room in the house. The Philips Hue Phoenix Dimmable LED Smart Recessed Downlight is a 4 inch spotlight that can be dimmed working with the Hue app like other bulbs. 


Below we have answered some common questions regarding Philips Hue bulbs and ho they can be used.

How many bulbs can be used with a single Philips hue base station?

1 single bridge can be used to control up to 50 hue light devices (this includes bulbs, lamps, strips)

Do these bulbs work with my current wall light switch?

Yes, your wall light switch will turn the bulb on and off like it would with a traditional bulb.

How long do the Hue bulbs last?

They are designed to have a long lifespan of 15,000 hours which is much longer than a traditional bulb. Philips say the bulbs should last 15,000 hours or 15 years depending on which comes first.

Can I Use Philips Hue Bulbs Outdoors?

Philips advise these to be used indoors only, however many users have reported using them in porches without any issues. It is important to make sure the bulb is sheltered from the elements, be it rain, snow or direct sunlight.

Can I use third Party compatible Hue bulbs?

There are other bulbs that do work with Hue, you can find out more about these in the article Philips Hue compatible color bulbs.

Whats the brightest Philips Hue Bulb?

Hue bulbs are around 806 lumen. As they are smart bulbs they can be adjusted in terms of brightness, however the max lumen for Hue bulbs is around 800.

What is the Philips Hue warranty?

From the Philips site“Philips warrants that this device will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will operate for 2 years based on up to 3 hours average working time per day/7 days per week, when used as directed.”


Popular lights from the Hue system are light strips, a great way to add light in kitchens along unit, or behind your tv in the living room.

Philips Hue Light strip

This is flexible lighting strips which will bring complete design freedom to your home lighting. You can run them along the shelves, under TV or wrapped around your favorite painting. It will be your personal wireless lighting and it will allow you to make and control light by using your tablet or Smartphone and bring endless possibilities to enable you get creative and personalize the lighting and so you will be able to suit the needs of your family. You can bend, shape to your desire and fix your lightStrips to highlight furniture and even create complete new light effects.

Philips Hue Lightstrip plus Extension

You can extend up to 33ft by adding this extension with full color consistency just from the first to last extension. You will enjoy light effects synced to your music and even extend your TV experience to entire room and if you wish, you can lift your gaming experience to the next level, too.

Through your Smartphone, you can create several colors, set alarms, tiers, connect to your apps and dim your lights. You can play with light to boost ambience and even entertainment in your home. It has different fittings and so it will be your wish to use this extension the way you wish.

Please note – This is an extension that must be added to a Hue Light strip.

When adding bulbs to your hue system you don’t just have to change the bulbs in your fittings and lamps, Philips also have a range of lamps and lights that you can buy that are designed to work with the Hue lighting system. These are stylish and well designed products that make ideal lamps for your living room and around the home, or how about new bedside lights, some of these are perfect.

Philips Hue Outdoor Light Strip

As well as the indoor strips above Philips have also released a 2m and 5m outdoor strip designed for use outdoors. They are waterproof, a little more bulkier than the indoor version however the light is diffused a lot better than the indoor version.

Outdoor Lights

Hue have a range of outdoor lights that work the same way as other Hue lights, controlled in the same way allowing you to create scenes, timers and colors.

Philips Hue Single PAR38 Outdoor

Spotlight bulbs designed for outdoor use, they can be fitted into outdoor lights you may already have allowing you to just change the bulb over.

Philips Hue Lily Outdoor Spot Light

This outdoor downlight is an adjustable spot light that can be fixed into the ground with the included spike, or fixed to the wall and pointed upwards or downwards. This can be bought as a set of 3 or individually. You can connect up to 5 of these lights to a single power run.

Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway light

A bollard style light perfect for driveways, pathways or around patios, a stylish light that can be fixed into the ground with the included spike, or you can screw the base into concrete giving a firm fixing, ideal for paths and drives.

Read our Calla outdoor light review here.

Philips Hue Inara White Outdoor Lantern

A more traditional looking light fitting that includes a Hue white bulb, this will not adjust to color, it is white light only. It can be adjusted by your phone or tablet via the hue app allowing you to change the brightness, white color and shade.

Philips Hue Lucca Outdoor Wall Lantern

Another wall light fitting that has a more modern and sleek design compared to the Inara above.

Philips Hue Ludere White Outdoor Security Light

An outdoor floodlight that which is 1,350 lumens and uses two PAR38 bulbs. Like the Lucca and Inara lights above it is white light only and doesn’t change color.

Other Philips Hue Bulb Types

We round up the different bulbs and types that are designed for Hue system.

Hue Go light

The Hue Go is the ideal bulb that can help you light spaces in creative and brand new ways. It stands out as a highly versatile light at home. When you plug it to a power outlet, you can surely utilize it to color walls with more than 16 million colors or a bright white light. The Hue Go transforms to become a portable centerpiece anytime you detach it your mains. You can carry it in order to set the mood and then bring the best light for activities.

A rechargeable battery that lasts up to three hours powers this rechargeable internal battery. You can control the bulb using your smart device. It brings with it an in-built smart battery management that guarantees maximum usage. As much as the bulb isn’t waterproof, it’s incredibly designed to withstand even the highest humidity.

The bulb enables you to control your way effortlessly, quickly and conveniently even without the need for a smart device. You can activate light settings directly through pressing the bulb’s smart control. Select from seven different light effects. Connect the bulb to the bridge and discover endless possibilities.

Philips Hue Phoenix LED Ceiling Spot Light

This recessed ceiling downlight will deliver you with dimmable warm to cool white light and this for sure will match your daily moments. You can connect via Hue Bridge to your Wi-Fi network and enjoy effortless control via your Smartphone. You’ll get better light whatever you do and you can set right ambience for any moment with different range of natural white LED light.

Philips Hue Bloom

Working in a smiler way to the Hue Go however this is not a portable light. Again it is ideal for the home and capable of displaying millions of colors and shades of white light, all ideal for syncing with movies and music in your home. A stylish looking lamp that is great for creating moods and lighting scenes in the home.

Philips Hue Wellness Dimmable LED Smart Table Lamp

A stylish ambiance lamp that has a warm white to cool white light. Ideal for use in the home creating a relaxing usable light that allows you to see, be it studying or reading a book before bed. In the box you get the Philips Hue White Ambiance Wellness Table Lamp with Hue White Ambiance A19 60-Watt equivalent LED light bulb and two-year warranty.

Philips Hue Beyond Dimmable LED Smart Table Lamp

On its own this is a very stylish and beautifully designed lamp that really looks stunning, not only is it a lamp but it can be hooked top with your Philips Hue bridge so you can adjust, dim change the colour and add to scenes. It works great with the Hue Dimmer switch, Hue Tap, or Hue Motion Sensor. Philips produce a range of Hue Light Fixtures and Lamps as well as outdoor lights too.

Philips Hue Wellner Table Lamp

A ambiance light with warm white to cool white light, looking like a strange blob it is an unusual looking lamp, but it makes an ideal reading light or quirky bedside light. Ideal for reading, so use as a night light it gives a relaxing warm glow that will make you feel calm and relaxed making it ideal for use before going to bed.

Philips Hue Being Smart Flushmount

This sleek slim and flush fitting light with brushed aluminum accents creates ambiance with warm white to cool white light. Hooking up to your bridge this isn’t just a bulb it is a stylish slim light that you can install to the ceiling of any room.

How to Set Up Your Philips Hue Lights

Once you have the bulbs and a Hue bridge, it is straight forward to get it all up and running.

The key steps are:

  • Change over your bulbs with Hue bulbs and turn the light on at the switch.
  • Plugin the Hue Bridge to the mains, and connect to your home router.
  • Download the Hue app and set up

This video below shows how to set up your Hue bulbs.


  1. Walter

    When will outside light bulbs be available for sale and will they work in porch lights that are the typical covered wall mounted sconces

    • Hue Home Lighting

      Official outdoor hue bulbs could be available this summer, or hopefully at least announced, although there is very little detail on what to expect.

  2. Tomas

    Does Philips have plans to produce the 4 th generation A19 hue bulbs/ 3 rd generation Hue Bridge in 2019? What will be the main improvements?

    • Hue Home Lighting

      No mention of anything, what would you like to see? They could be made brighter which always seem to be an concern with some people.

  3. Anders Aarsoe

    Would love to see a new hub with support for more devices or a new software interface that can handle multiple hubs. According to what I can read online my v2 hubs should support app 50 units but I was forced onto a second hub already after 30 units.

  4. John

    I’m confused – I read online that the BR30 bulbs are meant to be used in recessed lighting but the box explicitly says do not use in enclosed or recessed lights. Which is right?

  5. Smurfy

    When will the light strip be updated? Wish it was thinner and had better color.

  6. Rehan Qureshi

    Which ones would work on 220V 50Hz power supply in South Asian countries like Pakistan ? Please advise on email.

  7. Chris MacKechnie

    Why is it so hard to find out how bright the lights can be. I went to Hue in first generation and my home is lit like a tomb. Are newer bulbs brighter?

  8. Chris

    What is the difference between the GEN 1, 2 and 3 color bulbs? Other than the obvious looks 🙂

  9. Jenna

    My hue lightbulb recently “popped” and no longer works. It states that it should work for 15,000 hours or 15 years. I have only had the bulb for 3 years, if that.

  10. Rick

    Is there a brighter Philips Hue White Ambiance A19? 60W equivalence is the highest I can find. I’d like to see the same same type of bulb at, say, 75 or 100W equivalence.


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