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Best Philips Ambilight TVs Guide & Reviews


Ambilight is the form of a lighting system that enhances the televisions brightness and the videos to create great viewing. Therefore, the lights enable the viewer to have actual image display on the TV hence eliminating any form of distraction or contrast on the images.

Guide to Philips Ambilight

A lot of customers have recommended the use of the Ambilight TVs by Philips as the best for home theater, and video games due to the actual viewing one get from using the device. Note that the Ambilight consists of LED lights that are fixed on the back and sides of the Philips TVs. The lights reflect on the walls and the surrounds hence giving the best viewing.

How does the Ambilight work?

What sets the Philip Ambilight on a higher bar as compared to other brands is the effect that comes along when the TV is on. This is because the equipped Philip Ambilight increases the dimensions of your TV by reflecting the LED lights on the sides of the TV. Therefore not only does the effect appear on the TV’s screen it also extends to the walls and any other item that may be near the TV. With this result, the viewer gets almost a real image displayed on the TV and considering that the TV are made of slim edgeless sides, it gives you an excellent display without straining to look at.

Check out this video below which shows ambilight in action and how it works.

Ambilight types

As we saw earlier the Ambilight comes in different ranges which are determined by the size of the TV. The larger the screen is the number of the lights it will have.These ranges include;

Two side Ambilight.

The Ambilight are essential for small or medium-sized TVs. They are usually equipped on both sides of the TV for equal refection. Also, such Ambilight are ideal for homes that are small since too much refection of the lights can be harmful to the eyes.

Three sided Ambilight.

These settings are suitable for use in large rooms. The lights are equipped on the sides and one on the top part of the television.

Four-sided Ambilight.

If you are planning to create a home theater where you can watch movies with your family, then you will require a significant TV. When selecting Philip Ambilight TV, a four-sided Ambilight is essential since it gives the best reflection almost the one felt on the cinemas. The four-sided Ambilight are suitable for both TVs that are either mounted or placed on a stand on the table.

Best Ambilight TVs

First, off Philips TVs are crafted in a slim, sleek design, and once the Ambilight is on, they work by extending the images on the device. Therefore this allows one to have a view of a more significant model than shown on the TV itself. The number of Ambilight available will depend on the size of the TV you buy. The bigger the TV is, the more Ambilight it will have. The Ambilight are usually equipped on the sides of the TV the back and sometimes on top parts.

Ambilight also referred to as ambient light in the form of a lighting system for the televisions invented by the company. The primary function of the Ambilight system is to ensure that there is more picture quality and display on the TV whereby the light corresponds to the video content to give excellent results.
Best Ambilight TVs from Philips.

Philips 4K OLED Screen

The TV is crafted with excellent features that will make your viewing to be perfect and precise. The colors of the images on the TV appears clear meaning; if it is black, the image will appear black not washed grey. Made in a sleek and thin design, the 4K OLED screen features LED lighting which is illuminated from the back of the TV. Some of the features that we cannot ignore from the TV includes the inbuilt 2.2 channel speaker system and the sound bar stand that provides super clear 3D sounds.

Also, the presence of the definite voice 111 Dolby which is located at the DTS decoder offers excellent sounds. Although the TV may be a bit expensive, it is a great invention for those who want a TV for gaming or home theater purposes. Comes in 55 and 65 inches for the customer to select from and the best part is that the TV is easy to move around since its weight is relatively low. The power out of the device is about 40 Watts.


The TV features high image and channel processing power and gives actual and clear pictures of to 99 percent thanks to the inbuilt DCI-P3 color spectrum. You can quickly adjust the brightness according to your preference since it ranges from 750 units to 900 units. When it comes to video viewing, the TV has been voted to give the best HD videos. It also features a slim built that gives you an excellent display on the TV without any distractions and also there is an inbuilt sound base of 6.1 with power consumption of 60 watts.

Other accessories equipped with the OLED TV include the seven front-firing drivers where six are fitted on the front part and one at the back. The TV has a triple ring driver and an integrated bass port. The invention comes with remote control and three Ambilight equipped on the sides. One disadvantage on the TV though is the slim and lightweight built which makes it easy to break in case it does not handle well.

Philips 55PUS7502

This is an essential choice for those who need a small TVs since it comes in three sizes which range from 45 to 65 inches. The TV features a P5 image processor that enables one to have an apparent and actual viewing of the explicit images. The brightness can be adjusted for better viewing up to a maximum of 400 units.

The TV has three side Ambilight for better display, and it is powered by Android M which is one of the leading companies worldwide. Other excellent features that we noticed on the TV are the edge-lit backlighting and the equipped sound bar. What makes the Ambilight look different from the rest is the side open bars that allows one to have a good viewing without any side distractions.

Philips 49PUS6482

The television is recommended as one f the best HD TV due to the excellent and high definition pixel display. It is equipped with a back LED lighting that provides excellent viewing and illumination on the TV. The brightness can be adjusted up to 400 units for clear display plus there is a visible sound bar powered by 25 watts. The TV comes in two sizes which are 49 and 55 inches. It is designed with a cradle to stand for ample support plus it has three Ambilight found on the sides of the TV.

Smart TV Philips 49PUS6482/12 49" Ultra HD 4K LED USB x 2 HDR Wifi Silver

Philips 65PUS6412

For quality image display, this excellent brand is equipped with the HD processor. It is essential for people who don’t like too much brightness since the brightness units have a peak of around 350 units. It has two sides Ambilight and a back LED lighting that gives an excellent 3D viewing. The TV comes in different sizes which include 43, 49. 55 and 65 inches. Other packed accessories include a remote for easy control, and the android powers it.

The above are reviews of some of the best Ambilight TVs manufactured by Philips. The TVs have different features and come in different sizes for customers to choose from depending on their taste and preferences. Although the TVs are sold at a high price, you are guaranteed to have the best viewing since the images are high quality. Some of the primary factors to look out for when buying such a TV include a warranty for quality assurance, some features like the Ambilight and backlights should be present. Plus, ensure that you purchase it from a reliable dealer. Whether you opt to mount the TV or place it on the table make sure you are careful considering that these Philips Ambilight TVs are made of lightweight material.

Philips Ambilight
Photo Credit – Philips

How to choose the right Ambilight for your home

Although the lights come in different ranges, a customer has the potential of selecting the kind of mood that they want to be illuminated in the house. The Ambilight come in different moods for one to choose from depending on what they are watching and the kind of rhythm they wish to create. The following are some of the moods to choose from.
The music moods.

These are the moods that you can choose to follow and mimic the music rhythm. They come in different types of sounds and colors as well.

Gaming moods.

Make your room appear like a war zone with the equipped Ambilight gaming moods. The modes have different sounds that you can incorporate depending on the kind of game you are playing, and there are also different visions as well. For example, if you are playing an action game, you can select a bright color mode with strong echoing sounds to mimic the warring sounds.

Classic moods.

Classic moods vary from smooth to loud depending on what is being watched on the TV. The moods are of different kinds and note that you can select several methods to alternate in viewing.

Step to follow when setting up the Ambilight dynamic mode.

Setting up the Philip Ambilight dynamic mode enables you to make any other changes that may be required on the device such as the color, speed and also the brightness. Also, note that the settings are done with the aid of the remote control provided

The following are the steps to follow when setting up the mode;

  • Press the menu key and select set up option.
  • On the setup option select Ambilight color and then dynamic.
  • At this section, you are expected to set up the color mode dynamic that you want to be displayed on the TV.
  • After that, you can make any other changes related to brightness or speed.

Is Philips Ambilight Worth it?

Philips Ambilight TVs are great, however if you really want ambilight built into your TV then Philips is the only way to go, that being said that although the bias lighting it great, you are limited to Philips TV’s. For the money there are better TV’s that are more stylish, and also offer a better picture with a better contrast of colors and darker blacks.

You are paying a premium to have Ambilight however the effect cannot be knocked, it is fantastic and certainly adds to the viewing experience.

Ambilight is a great feature and if you have it will love it, and if you don’t you probably won’t be fussed.

Overall Ambilight is great, however you are limited to a Philips TV which are not the best, and for the money you can certainly buy a fantastic large TV that is better. If you really want ambilight, then you can buy a Philips TV with this, or you can add it to a different TV using third party bias lighting.

Which ever way you go, Ambilight may not be for everyone but it does look great and works really well.

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