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Philips Hue Rumors


This page is updated with any rumours or latest reports of any new Hue features, bulbs and updates.

Latest Hue Rumors

Below are the latest reports and details or potentially new Hue updates and products. What would you like to see? Check out our article on Philips Hue – Feature Requests and our requisition and hopes.

Bluetooth Lightstrip Coming Soon

There are reports of a new light strip with Bluetooth in development and coming soon. Bluetooth has been rolled out across the Hue range of bulbs over the last months, however at the moment the lightstrip does not have this.

The Hue lightstrip has not been updated for many years and we hope that in addition to bluetooth there are also some improvements to the design improving the distribution of light and diffusion. 

Hue Bridge 3.0 Coming Soon?

With lots of updates to Hue bulbs and the release of the Hue Sync HDMI box there may also be a new bridge on its way. This user on Reddit spotted mention of a reference to a 3rd Gen bridge.

Sadly this was just a typo by Philips with a message sent out stating this error. Gen 2.1 Bridge is the latest currently.

No reports of a new bridge coming soon, however with the released of Bluetooth bulbs and new accessories, hopefully an update is not to far off.

New Hue Filament Light Bulbs Coming Soon

There are 3 new bulbs which will come with Bluetooth as with all the updated Hue Bulbs.

The bulbs are white only, a warm white light that is dimmable. They come with Bluetooth and ZigBee, a color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin, and a life expectancy of 5,000 hours , or 15 years of consumption.

LED filament bulbs are a popular bulb choice and look great, there are not filament Hue bulbs at the moment and this would be a new bulb for their range. At the moment exciting bulbs have a plastic whiteish top, which is fine for lamps where you may not see the bulb, however for lights where you can see the bulb these would be great.

UpdatedNew filament bulbs from Hue have been released.

Reports of a Hue Smart Plug

There are reports of a Philips Hue SmartPlug that has already received an official part number (GTIN / EAN).

New reports by iCulture share that Philips Hue is planning to launch a new bulbs and new accessories. The collection will reportedly include filament light bulbs and a brand-new smart plug. Although nothing has been confirmed or released by Philips the reports look promising and could be expected in fall this year.

A smart plug would be a new product from Philips and something that could allow you to use lights and lamps where they do not offer a suitable bulb, you could then turn these lights on and off using your Hue set up and including with timers and schedules.

UpdateHue Smart plug released, read our review here.

New GU10 Color Bulbs Coming in August?

A common request are updates GU10 bulbs, there are rumours that this fall there maybe an update to these including the GU10 bulbs having improved color and getting the ‘richer colors’ stamp.

In january we reported that there were No Immediate Plans for New GU10 Color Bulbs, however this may have now changed, or that the body size of the color bulb remains the same, however the color is improved.

There are reports of the GU10 color bulb becoming more compact, richer colours and also incorporating Bluetooth. The new GU10 bulbs will be:

  • Shorter – 5.7 inches instead of 7.1 inches long
  • Brighter – 350 instead of the previous 250 lumens
  • 5.7 instead of 6.5 watts
  • Also have Richer Colors for improved color reproduction

Reports suggest these newer bulbs could be released mid August.

Update – Rumours were true and new GU10 bulbs have been released.

Hue Bulb Updates

This fall there are also reports of an update to the current range of Hue bulbs as well as the current Philip Hue Go lamps.

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    New GU10 bulbs must surely be reduced in size, better color is great, but they still won’t fit in my spotlight housing!


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