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Smart Plugs That Work With Philips Hue


With things that people want to see for Hue, a hue plug outlet is one of them, something that allows you to turn lamps on that are plugged into the mains, this is ideal for lamps or fittings where a Hue bulb is not available to use.

Using this plug you can then plug in any table lamp, floor lamp, or other device into the Smart plug to add it to your Philips Hue setup. You can then use your Hue app or voice control to turn this on or off as you would with other Hue bulbs.

What Plugs work with Philips Hue? 

Philips have released their own smart plug that allows you to turn devices on and off. This new addition to the Hue range allows you to add other lights that may not have a Hue bulb, as well as turn on and off other devices.

Philips Hue Smart Plug, White - 1 Pack - Turns Any Light Into a Smart Light - Control with Hue App - Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit

    This smart plug from Philips would allow you to integrate other lamps in your home that may not have a Hue bulb in them, or a Hue bulb that is suitable, you could then turn lights on and off via your Hue app. It will work with voice control products such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant.

    The smart plug like other Hue bulbs has Bluetooth and still also uses Zigbee, which is better for users that have a bridge. If you don’t have a bridge then you can still use this via Bluetooth and your phone turning this on and off. It is important to note due to the limited range of Bluetooth you would have to be in the same room to operate this.

    Hue is all about creating scenes and setting the mood, effects with lighting, the outlet plug adaptor would only be able to turn a bulb on and off, however it cannot adjust the brightness, or be used on a timer or routine.

    While the Hue smart plug is about turning lights on and off that don’t have a Hue bulb, there are also other creative uses for how to use a smart plug:

    • Turn devices on and off to save electricity usage
    • Turn kids games consoles off at a set time
    • Turn heaters on and off remotely
    • Save money by turning off appliances that would otherwise be in standby mode
    • Make it easier to control hard to access outlets
    • Turn on and off Christmas tree lights

    These are just a few ways you can use a smart plug in your home to make your life a little easier.

    Read our hands on Smart plug review here.

    Hue Compatible Smart Plugs

    If you are looking for an outlet plug adaptor that will control your lights via the mains power and show up on your Hue app via the Hue bridge, then there are a couple of options, for it to be compatible it must use Zigbee 3.0 protocol to communicate with the Hue bridge. 

    SYLVANIA Smart ZigBee Smart Plug

    This ZigBee 3.0 Smart Plug allows you to turn your Hue lights on and off via the app, and also using voice commands through Siri and Amazon Alexa, it also connects and works with Samsung SmartThings hub to.

    SYLVANIA Smart ZigBee Smart Plug, Works with SmartThings, Wink, and Amazon Echo Plus, Hub Needed for Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant - 1 Pack

      IKEA TRÅDFRI Smart Socket

      The TRÅDFRI smart socket from Ikea does works with Hue, however it is important you have downloaded the latest firmware, to do this you need to have or use a Trådfri gateway, therefore buying the smart socket on its own without access to this may mean it won’t connect.

      IKEA 303.561.69 Trådfri Wireless Control Outlet

        Do note that when connected via a Hue bridge, the smart socket won’t work via Homekit.

        Innr Smart Plug

        Looking for a Hue compatible smart plug in the UK? The Innr have a smart plug that allows you to turn traditional lamps on and off while still work with Hue too. “The Smart Plug makes it possible to control your traditional lighting with the app. So you do not have to replace all your LED lights with smart ones. You plug the plug into the socket and plug the plug of a nice floor lamp for example.”.

        This is a great choice and alternative for the Hue smart plug, check it out here

        Osram SMART+ Plug

        The Osram smart plug again works like the others, it will connect to the Hue bridge and allow you to turn your lamps on and off via this.

        Amazon Smart Plug

        This smart plug from Amazon works seamlessly with Alexa, although there is no Homekit support, and does not work with Hue bulbs or via the Hue app, you can use this to turn lights on and off that may not use a Hue bulb. This is a useful option if you use Alexa and voice commands in your home to turn lights on and off.

        Amazon Smart Plug | Works with Alexa | control lights with voice | easy to set up and use

          Plug that won’t work with Hue

          Zigbee is a must for the plug to work with Hue, so smart plugs with WiFi or Bluetooth, the well-known wireless methods, are not usable with the Hue system as they cannot connect to the Hue bridge. 

          How to setup and connect smart plugs for Philips Hue?

          Adding a compatible smart plug to Hue is quick an easy via the Hue app.

          1. First, make sure your smart plug it plugged in and turned on
          2. Open the hue app and go to settings
          3. Click on the ‘+’ button and start your search for new lights.
          4. When searching your plug should be found and can then be added


          We answer some of the common questions about the Hue Smart Plug.

          Can it adjust the bulb brightness?

          No. This will turn the power on or off to a device or light. The power cannot be adjusted and therefore the brightness cannot be changed.

          Do I need a Hue Bridge?

          No. You don’t need a bridge, however it will work with one if you have one. It does have Bluetooth built in, so it can be operated by your phone using a Bluetooth connection.

          Can this be used with routines?

          Yes. If you have the Hue bridge then you can set this up as part of a routine to turn on at certain times, however if you don’t use a bridge and use it via Bluetooth, then this option is not available.

          What are the benefits of a smart plug? 

          The benefits of these smart plugs is that no hub is required, they can connect straight to the Hue bridge, they allow lights that haven’t been replaced by hue bulbs to become smart allowing you to turn them on and off using your app, or voice control.

          As these are smart plugs it is important to note some functions won’t work, such as with Hue Sync, last state, dimming and brightness.

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