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Philips Hue Smart Outlet Plugs

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With things that people want to see for Hue a hue plug outlet is one of them, something that allows you to turn lamps on that are plugged into the mains, this is ideal for lamps or fittings where a Hue bulb is not available to use.

A Hue outlet has been mentioned before and the reason there is no such things from Hue at the moment is that it doesn’t give control over the light, Hue is all about create scenes and mood, effects with lighting, the outlet plug adaptor would only be able to turn a bulb on and off, it cannot adjust the brightness, or color for example.

With all that being said, at the moment there is no such item or any rumours on plans for such an outlet plug.

Hue Compatible Smart Plugs

If you are looking for an outlet plug adaptor that will control your lights via the mains power and show up on your Hue app via the Hue bridge then there are a couple of options.

Smart ZigBee Plug Socket for Smart Home Automation

This ZigBee 3.0 Smart Plug allows you to turn your Hue lights on and off via the app, and also using voice commands through Siri and Amazon Alexa, it also connects and works with Samsung SmartThings hub to.

You can Buy this from Amazon UK here.

Innr Smart Plug

Innr have a smart plug that allows you to turn traditional lamps on and off while still work with Hue too. “The Smart Plug makes it possible to control your traditional lighting with the app. So you do not have to replace all your LED lights with smart ones. You plug the plug into the socket and plug the plug of a nice floor lamp for example.”.

You can Buy this from Amazon UK here.

Osram SMART+ Plug

The Osram smart plug again works like the others, it will connect to the Hue bridge and allow you to turn your lamps on and off via this.

You can Buy this from Amazon UK here.

The benefits of these smart plugs is that no hub is required, they can connect straight to the Hue bridge, they allow lights that haven’t been replaced by hue bulbs to become smart allowing you to turn them on and off using your app, or voice control.

As these are smart plugs it is important to note some functions won’t work, such as with Hue Sync, last state, dimming and brightness.

Outlets that do not work or show via the Hue bridge:

  • Samsung SmartThings
  • IKEA Tradfri outlet
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