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Philips Hue Vintage Filament Bulbs Review


Filament Lamps are a stylish look and a great way to display a bulb that has a stylish and cool looking filament. Now Philips have released a Hue version of this style bulb that allows you to control the brightness via your app. This is white only unfortunately there is no color version at this time. 

Philips Hue Filament Lamp Review

These bulbs, which come in three sizes, they are a stylish and industrial design allowing you to use them without the need for a shade, and as a visual product itself.

  • Philips Hue Filament Standard E27
  • Philips Hue Filament Edison E27
  • Philips Hue Filament Globe E27

As a new bulb and latest generation they include Bluetooth allowing you to use them without a bridge.

The bulbs themselves look great, unlike other Hue bulbs, the filament bulbs come with a black base and not white. The bulb is not completely clear, it has a slight burnt haze to give that traditional filament feel. Unlike those bulbs this does not get hot to touch, although warm it is safe to touch. 

There are 3 sizes, a standard A19 bulb, an Edison ST19 bulb that’s elongated and without the rounder bulb shape, and the Globe G25 bulb which is the largest of the 3, although they all have the same 550 Lumens output. 

Internally they all have the same spiral LED filament, it looks great and have that vibrant orange when not on. Looking at them you would know know they are smart bulbs or LED, they do look great.

Philips Hue Vintage Filament Lamp Review

In the press release Signify said “Combine the convenience of smart lighting with the beauty of the popular Edison-style bulb with the new collection of amber-coated smart filament bulbs from Philips Hue. Available in three shapes (availability dependent on location), the Philips Hue Filament bulbs provide the same control, functionality and ambiance capabilities offered by the Philips Hue ecosystem but with a more stylish design.”

The bulbs are white only, a warm white light that is dimmable. They come with Bluetooth and ZigBee, a color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin, and a life expectancy of 22 years or 25,000 lifetime hours (based on industry average usage).

All 3 of these filament bulbs shine at the same brightness of 550 lumens with a temperature color of 2100K, this cannot be adjusted. Comparing this to the standard Hue white and color bulbs, they put out 800 lumens and a temperature ranging 2200K-6500K. 

According to the product details the light is made of glass and has a black base to it unlike other Hue bulbs that are plastic and white.

Philips Hue White Filament Standard E27

A stylish round bulb with a coiled filament.

Philips Hue White Filament A19 Smart Vintage LED bulb
Philips Hue White Filament A19 Smart Vintage LED bulb, Bluetooth & Hub compatible (Hue Hub Optional), voice activated with Alexa

Philips Hue White Filament Edison

A pear drop style fitment bulb that is slimmer, with the E27 fitting. It works with the Hue bridge or you can use Bluetooth.

Philips Hue White Filament ST19 LED smart vintage bulb

    Philips Hue White Filament Globe

    The largest of the 3 bulbs, it has a large round globe filament bulb for Hue with a screw E27 fitting.

    Philips Hue White Filament Globe G25 LED
    Capture the popular look of Edison bulbs, featuring a distinct glowing inner coil and transparent globe, with smart filament bulbs. These retro-style LED smart bulbs combine the look and feel of simple vintage design with the power of Philips Hue smart lighting

    How to use them

    The bulbs are very stylish and have a vintage look, they are ideal for light fittings where you can see the bulbs, such as open kitchen hanging pendant lights, or a light above your dining table. 

    They are more expensive than the other Hue bulbs, so you certainly want them on display and visible, as that is the point of them, if you cannot see the bulb in the light fittings, then the cheaper hue bulbs are certainly a better and more cost effective option. 

    As with all the Hue bulbs now, it they have Bluetooth and can also be added to your bridge using ZigBee if you have one. They are quick and easy to set up in the same way as other hue bulbs. 

    Do you use any filament bulbs in your home? Are you likely to replace them for these Hue white bulbs?


    How bright are the Hue filament bulbs?

    At maximum brightness all 4 filament bulbs are 550 lumens. 

    Can they be used outside?

    These bulbs are not designed for outdoor use, however they could be used in a outdoor waterproof light fitting.

    Can they be used in a bathroom?

    These bulbs are not IP44 and not designed for use in a bathroom.

    Is there a color filament bulb from Hue?

    At the moment no, Hue only have white only filament bulbs, but hopefully in the future we shall see a coloured version. 

    Ledvance have a colored smart filament bulb, however this is not compatible with Hue. 

    Do I need a Hue bridge to use these filament bulbs?

    The Hue filament bulbs have Bluetooth, so if you have a Hue bridge it will work with this, however if not, you can use the Hue Bluetooth app, and Bluetooth via your phone to control the bulb without the need for a bridge.

    Are hue filament bulbs dimmable?

    Yes, using a Hue dimmer or the Hue app you can adjust the brightness of the bulbs, from warm bright daylight to low cosy nightlight hues.

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      • Hue Home Lighting

        They are not designed for outdoor use, however you could use them in an outdoor light fitting that would protect the bulb. If you cannot see the bulb though, it is pointless and you may as well use a cheaper Hue bulb.

    1. Dustin J Dunbar

      Does anyone know how to change the temperature of them? The look very orange not white and not able to change it in the app. Is there a 3rd party solution or hack?


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