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New Colored LED Filament Smart Bulbs from LEDVANCE


Filament lamps have had a come back with LED versions and have also become smarter with the introduction of LED smart Filament Bulbs to the Philips Hue range, they have all the function of other smart bulbs, however the drawback is they are white ambiance light only and cannot change color.

Colored Filament Bulbs

There are lots of smart filament bulbs on the makers however Ledvance have launched the first coloured filament lamps to the market. They are smart bulb however they use Wifi and are not compatible with Philips Hue.

There are 3 different shapes available, the RGBW filament lamp can be purchased in the Standard bulb size, Edison or Globe with an E27 base fitting. They all have a maximum power consumption of 4.5 watts and a maximum brightness of 300 lumens. They have a clear bulb casing so you can see the spiral filament.

These Smart+ bulbs have a life span of 15,000 hours and are fully dimmable, they also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

LEDVANCE already have a large range of LED smart bulbs using different connections, from Wifi, Bluetooth and Zigbee.

The introduction of these show that coloured Filament bulbs are possible and perhaps in the future this could come to the Hue eco system.

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