What would make Philips Hue even Better!


As we enter 2018 the smart home echo system will develop and evolve even more, with new features and newer gadgets being released.

In the smart home lighting world the Philips Hue system still leads the way, however the competition grows making it better for us all as better bulbs are made and even better features added.

What would we like to see from Hue?

We love Hue, however there are some things that would make it even better, below we have rounded up what we would like to see and ideas we have to make it better.


Brighter bulbs – One thing that stands out from the competition when comparing to the Hue bulbs is the overall brightness. Many on the market are brighter than the Hue bulbs, now although I don’t have an issue with the overall brightness of the Hue bulbs, brighter is sometimes better. It would be great for the next 4th generation of Hue bulbs to be brighter and perhaps match the competition such as LIFX.

This table below shows the max output from top smart bulbs on the market.

Philips Hue LIFXIkea Tradfri GE Link Connected LED
Philips Hue LIFXIkea Tradfri GE Link Connected LED
Max Output800 lumens1,055 lumens980 lumens800 lumens
Check it OutCheck it OutCheck it OutCheck it Out

Light strips

The light strips are a great item and work well in the home with many uses, from lighting under cabinets, great for kitchen units, around desk spaces, or behind the TV which is very popular. As great as they are there are a few things that would make them better.

Color spaces – The hue light strips come in 2m lengths, they are also extendable with the 1m extension lengths allowing up to a total 10m length. This is great, but it would be even better if the lengths of stripes could be animated, at the moment they are all one color and that is all, however creating animations using the strips would be a welcome feature allowing colors to change along the strip instead of all one or nothing.

Being able to split the strip into sections would allow for a 2m strip for example to display more that one color broken into zones.

The actual light strip – One thing that could be improved is the actual light strip itself, it could be thinner, it could be more flexible, it could be more robust, it could have better self additive strips on the back for sticking in place. The overall robustness of the strip could be improved, although it is well made at the moment it could be made better by making it smaller while still being strong and flexible.

Buttons & Accessories

Something that makes the Hue system different to other systems on the market is the physical buttons that have too. The dimmer switch is a great little item that works well, the tap though could be given a redesign, using a coin battery would make it more responsive and perhaps making it the buttons more customisable would be better, you can make more changes using third party apps like iConnectHue.

A wall mount for the buttons would also be great, or perhaps an option to mount over existing switches, a long shot for something like this to be related by Philips, however it would be great for some third party companies to manufacture something like this, some people have made there own by 3D printing a switch mount.

Backing Up

The bridge is the brain of the Hue echo system, all the bulbs talk to the bridge and the bridge is what stores all the scenes, settings, button options etc. You can make these changes via the Hue app, or a third party app, but it is all stored and orchestrated through the bridge. One big issue with this is that if you need to reset your bridge, change it or it breaks, then all your settings, bulbs and options are all lost meaning you then need to recreate it all again.

A must have feature is a way to back up your bridge, fingers crossed this feature comes this year!

Hue Entertainment

Update – Hue Entertainment was released at CES 2018, read more about it here.

Something that was mentioned last year and expected for the end of 2017 was Hue entertainment, something that is very exciting and will open up a new dimension to home lighting.

Hue lights to soon sync with movies games and music

Having your bulbs change to suit the on screen action while watching TV, or playing a game on the PS4 will make a more immersive experience,  the room is dark and then suddenly lights up when there is an explosion while playing Call of Duty or watching an action film, how about you score a goal on FIFA and the lights flash, this could all be possible with Hue entertainment.

While Hue entertainment isn’t an idea and will soon be released, we look forward to seeing how this change smart lighting and what possibilities there are with it. It will certainly open up new ideas and possibilities for developers.

What would you like to see for Hue this year, or what ideas do you have to make it even better.


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One Response

  1. David Jack

    The one thing that would make my Hue experience 100% complete would be the addition of a Smart Plug accessory. Hive are even doing this (Hive Active Plug) and I have had to revert to buying this from Hive as a solution for my problem as Hue don’t have one because they focus solely on bulbs and lighting.

    In short, I want to be able to control an outside floodlight, on or off, simple (could be any appliance with a 3 pin socket). There are many 3rd party wireless solutions out there BUT I want one that forms part of my lighting management and done need a separate badly designed app. Could Philips Hue think about developing something like this that has the ability to switch on an appliance (light or otherwise) through the Hue app. ??


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