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Best Philips Hue Outdoor Lights 2023


The best Philips Hue outdoor lights enable you to light up your garden and bring it to life in the evening as the sun sets. Great for parties, evening dining and entertainment, or just adding interest when it goes dark. 

Best Philips Hue Outdoor lights

As with the rest of the Philips Hue range you have the flexiblity of changing the brightness and colors of your hue outdoor lights, and there are many different options to choose from, wall lights, pedestals lamps and flood lights. We take a look at the different options and which lights to use in your garden and yard. 

In the Hue outdoor range there is the –

  • Philips Hue Inara – 800 lumen
  • Philips Hue Lucca – 800 lumen
  • Philips Hue Ludere – 2,600 lumen
  • Philips Hue Calla – 640 lumen
  • Philips Hue Lily Spotlight – 640 lumen
  • Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip

In their press release they said “Our customers are always looking for new ways to extend their smart lighting system and the new Philips Hue outdoor range takes it a huge step further,” said Sridhar Kumaraswamy, Business Leader Home Systems & Luminaires at Philips Lighting. “While Philips Hue bulbs and luminaires are available for every area inside your home, we wanted to traverse the threshold and offer connected luminaires designed for outside areas. The Philips Hue outdoor range enables you to make the most of your outside areas, be it creating the ideal ambiance to host a BBQ at the weekend or beautifying your garden.”

Philips Hue outdoor range

Lights perfect for Path Ways

Philips Hue Nyro White & Colour Ambiance 

A stylish, sleek and modern pathway pedestal light this is 1,000 lumen and is one of the brighter options in the Philips Hue range, the sleek black design and strong downlight makes it great for paths and lighting up your drive.

Philips Hue Impress White and Colour Ambiance

unlike the Nyro this give a more rounded spectrum of light and not just down to the ground. It is bright at 1200 lumen and can be selected in colour or a bight white light.

It comes with IP44 waterproofing, so it’s well protected against the elements and measures 40cm x 10cm x 10cm (that’s 15.7 inches x 3.9 inches x 3.9 inches), so it is a big sturdy unit.

Wall Lights

Hue Outdoor Daylo Light

Bring a ring of light to your outdoors with the Daylo wall light in black, a round outdoor fixture offering 16 million colours. A circular wall light measuring 22cm in diameter, it has a black surround and white light shade.

It uses a 15 watt LED bulb and can be set to white light or from a choice of 16 million colors. IP44 rated it is designed for outdoor use and great for use in a porch or down the side of your house. 

Appear Wall Light

This up and down light design is a popular style for outdoor lights, and hue have their own version with built in Hue LED bulbs allowing you to not only select cool and bight white colors, but also from 16 million colors. 

Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Appear Outdoor Wall Light Fixture

    The outside is a sleek black design and the light comes IP44 rated, so it is suitable for all weather and rain. You can of course tweak the Appear to hit whatever colour or white temperature suits your wall the best, and compatibility with Hue automations means you can keep its lighting confined to darkness hours or switch it on and off to.

    Philips Hue Econic Outdoor White & Color Wall

    The Philips Hue Econic family offers 16 million colors to enhance the beauty of your porch or yard, and to create any ambiance you like to optimize your smart home. 50,000 shades of white are also available to brighten your outdoor space for evening activities or to enhance security. Easily connect to your existing Philips Hue Hub to get all the smart features including away from home control, geofencing, scheduling, or linking to the Philips hue Outdoor Motion Sensor. The Econic family is fully weather-proof and must be hard-wired. Hue hub not included.

    The light measures 11.6cm deep and 26cm by 26cm, and has a 1150 lumen output. 

    Flood lights

    The powerful 2,300-lumen Welcome is so much more sophisticated than your average bogstandard floodlight. For starters, its colour balance and brightness can be infinitely adjusted to suit the mood, and, because it kicks out so much diffuse illumination without dazzling everyone like a halogen bulb, it’s a top choice for evening entertainment.

    Philips Hue Discover Outdoor White & Color Ambiance Smart Floodlight

      It’s also perfect for security, especially if used in conjunction with Philips’ battery-powered infrared sensor. The Welcome requires both professional installation and a Hue Bridge.

      As well as stylish outdoor garden lights there is also a new bulb designed for outdoor lights as well as a floodlight too that has the white floodlight bulbs in.

      The Philips Hue White Outdoor PAR38 13W Smart Bulbs are white only, so no color, but they are super bright and can still be dimmed and the white light can be changed.

      Philips Hue Smart PAR38 LED Bulb - Soft Warm White Light - 2 Pack - 1300LM - E26 - Outdoor - Weatherproof - Control with Hue App - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit

        Philips Hue White Outdoor PAR38 13W Smart Bulbs

        The Philips Hue White Outdoor PAR38 LED light is super bright and designed to be used as a floodlight, it is a white light only and can be adjusted like other hue bulbs, so it can be dimmed, the white light can be changed, and you can still turn on and off, and adjust via the Hue app, voice using Siri or Alexa, as well as setting it up with a timer to turn on at a certain time.

        As the bulb is designed specifically for outdoor use, it doesn’t need to be in an incased outdoor light fitting, the bulb itself is designed to work in the elements.

        The bulb is weather resistant, and designed to be weatherproof. It has a lifetime up to 25, 000 hours and comes with a 3 year warranty. The bulb is 13 watts with a 1300 lm.

        The bulb can be bought as a single, or as below in a 2 pack which is better value.

        Philips Hue Smart PAR38 LED Bulb - Soft Warm White Light - 2 Pack - 1300LM - E26 - Outdoor - Weatherproof - Control with Hue App - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit

          The bulbs are wireless, however you do need a hue bridge to use, and can be set up and used via the Hue app.

          Philips Hue Ludere White Outdoor Security Light

          Using the same bulbs as above this outdoor security floodlight by Hue is a fitting designed just for the Philips Hue White Outdoor PAR38 LED bulbs. as it uses the above bulbs it is super bright, the bulbs are 13 watts with a 1300lm.

          As a security light it doesn’t however have a motion sensor built in, it is operated like other Hue lights where you can turn it on and off, adjust the brightness and whiteness, and also set it up to come on using Geofencing, for when you come home.

          Philips Hue Ludere White Outdoor Security Light, Outdoor Wall Fixture & 2 Hue PAR38 LED Smart Bulbs (Requires Hue Hub, Works with Alexa and More)

            The lights fitting is a black anthracite grey color and is sleek and well made, it can be wall mounted and replace any outdoor light fittings you may already have up.

            With these outdoor lights and bulbs it would be great for a outdoor motion sensor to be released, or an update to the current one which is designed for internal use only.

            Spot lights

            Lily Spotlights

            The Lily spots can be brought in a set of 3 and each produce a light output of up to 600 lumens. These are great for adding focal points with light in your garden, an ordainment, plain of wall.

            Philips Hue Lily White & Color Outdoor Spot Light Base kit

              As with the other outdoor lights this can be white or one of 16 million colours, the lights are well built and come with a spike or bracket for fitting. The spike allow you to install the light into the ground, such as grass or soil flower bed, or you can use the bracket to mount the lights on the wall. 

              Lily XL

              Similar design to the Lily spotlights but bigger, the extra large size makes them brighter at 1,050 lumen compared to 600. This is great for larger gardens for for larger focal points, these bright lights combined with the smaller lily spots are great and can work really well in your garden. 

              Philips Hue Outdoor Smart Bundle

                Read our guide to connecting your outdoor lights together and how many you can connect.

                Light strips

                The flexible light strips from Hue designed specifically for outdoor use allow you to add color to pathways, flower beds, along decking and patios, as well as hand rails and garage fascias.

                Philips Hue Outdoor 7-Foot Smart LED Light Strip - White and Color Ambiance - 1 Pack - Requires Hue Bridge - Weatherproof - Control with Hue App - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit

                  The 2 metre full weather proof lightstrip comes with its own transformer and 4.25metres of cable. The Light strip Outdoor can be changed through all the colours and is bright at 850 and 900 lumens.

                  Hue Light Bar

                  Outdoor lights bars allow you to light up larger areas such as walls, acting as a spot light but as a light strip. 

                  Philips Hue White & Color Amarant Outdoor Light Bar Extension

                    Motion Sensor

                    Combine your outdoor hue lights with the outdoor sensor so that your lights come on when motion is detected, be it as a security feature at night or when yo come home in the evening so you can see.

                    Things to note

                    All these outdoor hue lights require a hue bridge for setting up and using, you will also need the hue app downloaded to your smart phone. 

                    Using the home and away feature you can set your outdoor lights to come on when you come back from work in the evening, or turn on at night as a security light.

                    These outdoor lights are not solar powered, they are plug and play using a low voltage (24 Volt.), plugging into a mains power socket.

                    The Hue outdoor range will be available in Europe and the United States from the 9th July 2018. with a range of different outdoor lamps.

                    Editors Verdict

                    First impressions are they look great, there is a god range of lights and styles that all work in a similar way to usual garden lighting. The bulbs are integrated so no additional cost, however that being said they are not cheap.

                    A single Philips Hue Lily Spotlight for example will cost over double the price for 2-4 normal garden spotlights with bulbs, so you are paying a premium for it to be a Hue light with color.

                    Also it would be great if there was an outdoor light strip, ideal for running around decking and garden furniture, it could be a outdoor light strip or an update to the current light-strip making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

                    How will you be using these lights? Where will you be using them in your garden?

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