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How Many Philips Hue Outdoor Lights You Can String Together


Philips hue have a large choice now of outdoor lighting options, some are wall mounted and powered via a main cable directly, while others are standalone and are connected and powered via power extension cables.

With the extension cable and power supply you can link lights together to create a chain using the cable extensions and ‘T’ connectors.

Philip Hue Outdoor Power Supplies

There are two 24V power supply options for Hue that care for outdoor lights –

  • 40W Outdoor power Supply
  • 100W Outdoor power Supply

How many outdoor lights can you link together?

You can link as many lights together until the wattage is reached, if you have a 40 Watt outdoor power supply, you could connect up to five 8W outdoor Hue lights. Using the 100W power supply you can connect and link together more up to 100W.

This image below shows this –

Credit: Philips Hue

With a limit on the number of lights that can be powered and connected, there is also an advised limit on how long the cable and extension should be, for the 40W supply it is 35 meters, and you can have two 30 meter extensions from a 100W power supply. 

If you have 2 or 5 lights connected in a chain, the brightness is not effected.

Which outdoor power supply to use?

It comes down to how many lights you intend and think you will have outside and where they will be located, it maybe better to have two 40W power supplies with one for each side of your garden, however if you intend to have outdoor light strips and more than 4-5 lights then you would need to go for the 100W power supply. 

The Hue 2m outdoor light strip is 19 Watts, where as the Hue Lily spotlight is 8 Watts.

What wattage are the outdoor Hue Lights?

When looking to link your lights it is important to consider the wattage of these the the overall amount when combined, a list of the key outdoor lights and there wattage –

  • Lily Spotlights – 8 watts
  • Lily XL – 15 watts
  • Calla Pedestal – 8 watts
  • Econic – 8 watts
  • Impress Pedestal – 8 watts
  • Impress Wall light – 8 watts
  • Amarant Linear – 20 watts
  • Outdoor 2m Light strip – 19 watts

When looking at outdoor Hue lights to use, there are main powered lights which are wired directly into the mains, and then the Low Volt system lights which can be stringed together and use a power supply system. 

It is best to plan which lights you wish to use, where they will go and the distances between them and where the main power supply will be plugged in. With this plan you can ensure you have the correct power supply and overall wattage is suitable for this for the lights you wish to use. If needed you may need to use the larger power supply or use two instead.  

How to connect your outdoor lights

With your lights and power supply bought you can then link and string them together, you can do this with the included extension cables, but if needed you can also purchase additional extension cables in 5m or 2.5m lengths. 

The ‘T’ connection system is simple to use allowing you to split your cable for each of your lights, the extension cable just plugs in and then a screw fitment to keep it fixed and to help prevent water getting in. 

The use of extension cables and connectors does not have an impact on the overall wattage or power supply used, however the overall distance covered by cable is advised to be 35 meters for the 40W supply, and you can have two 30 meter extensions from a 100W power supply. 

Low Voltage Hue Lights

The range of outdoor lights that are low voltage require the need for a power supply pack, when buying them they do come with one as standard, however you can also buy them separately. 

How many Hue Lily spotlights can be connected?

At 8 Watts each you can connect five to a 40 watt power supply. Each Hue Lily light comes with a 5m/15ft extension cable. 

How many XL Lily Lights can be connected?

At 15 Watts each you can connect two to a 40 watt power supply or six to a 100 watt supply.

Do I need a Hue Bridge for outdoor lights?

Yes, the outdoor Hue lights do not have Bluetooth and due to the distance would not be viable, the outdoor lights use Zigbee and a Hue Bridge is needed for these to work and to use them. 

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