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Best Philips Hue Alternatives Worth Considering


The leading solution for homeowners looking for customizable, digitally-integrated lighting can be found in the Philips Hue, a line of products that includes lamps and smart light bulbs. A Philips Hue system makes use of a central hub that communicates with an app on your phone, allowing the owner complete control over their home lighting system. Hue is leading the market, but there are some Hue light alternatives and competitors.

A Philips Hue user is able to adjust the color and brightness of all the products associated with their version of the app. Plus, various performance schemes are available to simulate different lighting patterns. Light timing can also be controlled through the integrated scheduling software.

Philips Hue Alternatives

The Philip Hue lighting system is considered as a premium product among the smart lights that are present, but the brand is no longer the only one leading the market and there are other Philips hue like products. With the smart bulb market exploding there are now many alternatives to the Hue bulbs of which some are cheaper and more cost effective choices.

LIFXIkea Tradfri GE Link Connected LEDTP-LINK-Bulb
LIFXIkea TradfriGE Link Connected LEDTP Link LED Bulbs
Available in Color?-
ConnectivityWi-FiBluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBeeWi-Fi, ZigBeeWi-Fi
Max Output1,055 lumens980 lumens800 lumens800 lumens
Requires Hub?--
Amazon Alexa-
Apple HomeKit---

These Philips smart lighting products have been wildly popular since they have been released. In fact, they are the most-included brand on PC Mag’s list of the Best Smart Light Bulbs of 2018. These products are praised for their versatility, compatibility, and viability in any lighting setup.

However, not every user will like the hub-based connectivity that a Hue system requires. Luckily, the vast popularity of this product line has spawned many comparable products. If you are considering a smart light bulb purchase in the future, read on to learn about these viable alternatives to the Philips Hue.


The LIFX lighting system is a little bit more expensive than the Phillips hue alternative at $99 each. They can seem to be very pricey, but they are still able to offer you some advantages. The most outstanding advantage is, the lighting system does not need a bridge, so essentially all you will need for this particular product is your Smartphone and a companion app. The bulb is available in two different colors, just to give you a little variety; this is in white or metal gray. The product still looks great in whichever color, not something most can brag about.

LIFX 1100-Lumen, BR30 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb (LHB30E26UC10) Multi Colored - 11W - New

    As we know, each Philips hue alternatives you can find have their downside. For this particular product, the companion app has not received great reviews from customers, but the bulb has been received positively. The reason being, it can put out quite a range of vibrant colors, this is up to 1,000 lumens, which makes you wonder if this could be better than Philips. The product has been rated to give you 40,000 hours, not bad, so you will not have to worry about changing the system soon.

    The other downside of this product is they have not been able to fix in the number of features Phillips hue offers. The features that are available are, the morning or evening dimming, music sync IFTTT integration and social media alerts, hopefully other features are on their way.

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    IKEA Tradfri

    Ikea have released their own range of smart bulbs called IKEA Tradfri and they are well priced and work well. You can even get them to work with Philips Hue too. They can replace a brightness of around a 70-watt incandescent bulb and can be adjusted and dimmed via the dimmer remote you can buy for this.

    They currently do not have color bulbs, but the company states they will be releasing the same soon. For the price point they are great and if you just want white bulbs then these are worth considering, I am sure over time the system will grow and expand and likely include color bulbs too.

    GE Link Starter Kit

    GE Link LED bulbs use the Wink app via your phone to connect and work with the bulbs. This enables you to control them from any location. You can control individual bulbs or group them and adjust his way too.

    Using the hub you can connect these to Amazon Alexa, the starter kit comes with white bulbs and at the moment there is no option to use color bulbs.

    GE Link Starter Kit, PLINK-SKIT, Wireless, A19 LED Light Bulb, Pack of 2 by GE Lighting

    The GE Link bulbs are affordable and attractive. They are recommended to people who are trying out smart lighting systems for their home for the first time.

    TP-Link LB130 Multicolour Smart LED Bulb

    The first alternate lighting system on our list is the TP-Link LB130. This bulb functions similarly to a Philips Hue, making use of an app-based system that allows the user to control their lights from anywhere. The app, called Kasa, controls the color, brightness, and scheduling of each light associated with it. These bulbs, which install in a standard socket, are capable of producing millions of colors. Plus, they are compatible with the Amazon Alexa voice control system.

    On the other hand, LB130 bulbs may not be as effective when used in metal lamps or fixtures. Such materials can cause the effectiveness and strength of the wi-fi connection of the bulb to be greatly diminished. They are also not to be used with standard dimmer switches, as these can damage the bulb.

    Kasa Smart Light Bulb, Multicolor by TP-Link – WiFi Bulbs, Works with Alexa & Google (LB130) Old Version

      Despite these flaws, many users have praised the hub-less system offered by this bulb. Plus, the brightness of the bulb left little to be desired as it performed excellently in most situations. Overall, this is a pretty good replacement for the Philips Hue – although it is not as widely-compatible with other devices.

      Cheaper Alternative to Philips Hue

      Below are other bulbs that are in on the smart bulb market, although some have benefits we don’t think they are as good a Hue bulbs and system.

      The Limitless led / MiLight

      According to the limitless LED Company, the same company is holding both products Limitless LED and MiLight; the same partner is also manufacturing them. Some differences exist between the WI-Fi Bridge that is supplied by the company; however, the brands seem to be interoperable. In this regard, we can just refer to the products as Limitless LEDs.

      The Limitless product is a much cheaper alternative, making it amongst best Philips hue alternatives available. A Limitless LED will cost you around $18 to $27; this is all depending on the wattage of the product. The MiLight alternative offers you both the 6W and the 9W bulbs. If you are looking to purchase spotlights and downlights, they have all this covered for you. Additionally, a starter kit of the MiLight product will cost you around $66. Just like the Philip Hue lighting, the Limitless LED also needs to have a Wi-Fi bridge.

      The only downside of this alternative to Phillips hue is, the bulbs look like a very cheap knockoff compared to the other lighting systems that are present. It could be because the product comes a whole lot cheaper than the other major brands in the market. Additionally, the product does not pack some features, such as the matching music mode or even a time-based dimming. However, they can provide you a good 820 lumens in the 9W bulb, and they are hackable. Therefore, you can make the system do anything you would want, also offering you 50,000 hours lifespan assuring you will not be changing your lighting system anytime soon.

      Misfit Bolt

      We commonly link Misfit to their personal fitness devices. However, they are slowly making an entrance into the smart home, making it worth a mention amongst Philips hue alternatives. They look to be a competitor to the Hue; this is regarding the light quality they will offer and not forgetting the variety of color, all this for just $50 each bulb, which provides you solid value. The product does not need a bridge or even a smart home hub, making this a plus when you are to setup and reduce your overall cost. Additionally, you can control the system from the Misfits fitness devices.

      The system has been incorporated with millions of colors, over 800 lumens, which also has a simulation of the sunrise. Not forgetting the bulbs can synchronize to your sleep cycle, and a Misfit fitness device makes the system an attractive buy. However, a further review of the product shows little indication of how hackable the bulbs are; if there will be an open API or IFTTE integration.

      LOHAS Smart LED Bulb

      Another option in the smart bulb market is the LOHAS Smart LED. This convenient, wi-fi activated bulb makes use of an app as well. The scheduling aspect of the app is touted for its home security benefits, as you can set it up to give the appearance of someone being home even if the house has been empty for weeks. The app is also easily-installed, merely requiring a quick and simple QR code scan.

      This bulb provides 16 million colors, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. However, it is worth mentioning that this product does not integrate well with IFTTT, Google Assistant, or Stringify according to some users. This bulb also gives a hint of blue to every color, which is not ideal for those who want ultimate control over their home lighting.

      On the other hand, this is a cost-effective replacement for a Philips Hue system. It offers similar performance, and few drawbacks. You should be careful if you decide to use this bulb, however, as the code used in them could be vulnerable to a hacking attack.

      Lighting EVER Dimmable LED Light Bulb

      The least expensive (and most barebones) bulb on our list is the Lighting EVER Dimmable LED Light Bulb. This product is not like the others on our list, as it does not make use of wi-fi controls or a smartphone app. Instead, this product is operated with a standard remote control. It offers 16 colors, four lighting modes, variable brightness, a low price, and a 5-year warranty.

      Though this product has a good amount of features for the price, it is not as powerful as other options on the market. They will not integrate with any digital assistants, and are not as bright as comparable bulbs. Plus, they have a rather large size that leads to them not being able to fit in every appliance.

      Users have given this bulb mixed reviews, though a lot of people say it is decent for the money. That being said, if you are on a budget then this Lighting EVER bulb is a solid choice. But if you have more to spend, it would be wiser to look into a more versatile device.

      Kimitech Smart LED Light Bulb

      The Kimitech Smart LED bulb ranks among the best alternatives to a Philips Hue system. This wi-fi compatible bulb also makes use of an app, and is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. The color and brightness of the lights can even be changed with voice controls, offering thousands of possible combinations. Plus, the scheduling feature means that your lights will come on when you want them, and only then.

      This bulb produces a nice neutral white, and can also be used with mechanical dimmer switches. However, many users have expressed discontent with the average brightness of these bulbs. While they are good for mood or accent lighting, they are not suitable for a replacement for regular lights.

      Despite this minor flaw, most users have found that this light suits their needs. It is praised for its wide variety of colors and low profile. Plus, the app functions smoothly and efficiently. Overall, though a brighter light might be a better choice for certain situations, for all others this bulb is a good choice.

      The Verdict

      Though myriad alternatives for Philips Hue lights that exist on the market today, the original product still reigns superior in the smart lighting world. They offer the best compatibility, brightness, and controls. In PC Mag’s list, Philips Hue products received both “Editor’s Choice” tags. Despite this, there are viable alternatives (especially if you need a hub-less lighting system).

      Philips Hue Single Premium A19 Smart Bulb, 16 million colors, for most lamps & overhead lights (Hue Hub Required, Works with Alexa), Old Version

        Whether you decide to use a Philips Hue or one of the alternatives we have listed here, you will not regret your decision to adopt smart lighting. Being able to perfectly curate your home lighting experience can help you to feel more at ease in your house. Plus, these types of lights can even provide distinct health benefits to those with seasonal affective disorder.

        Money can be saved on the Hue eco system by buying used or refurbished Hue bulbs.

        All-in-all, a smart lighting system is a perfect addition to any home. It is especially useful for those who already use digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa. You will have a better at-home experience with a well-curated custom lighting scheme, made available by Philips Hue and similar products.

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