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6 Best Philips Hue App for Windows 10


There are many smart phone apps that take your Hue lights to the next level, there are also apps that you can use on your desktop computer and media systems that work on Windows 10 and PC. 

Best Philips Hue App for Windows

Philips Hue apps for Windows 10

Below are some of the best apps you can get to use on your Windows 10 desktop PC. Please note that to use these apps you must have a Hue bridge and at least one Hue bulb set up. 

1. All 4 Hue

Created for automation of your Hue lights and control of up to 5 bridges.

As well as this there is comprehensive automation of the Hue Bridge via groups, scenes, timers, alarms and rules in combination with all available Philips Hue devices such as switches and sensors.

The app also includes various spectacular lighting effects based on the Hue Entertainment interface. With a corresponding upgrade, all4hue can be used with up to 5 hue bridges.

While available for Windows 10, it is also designed for Android, iOS, and Mac OS.

2. Hue Sync for PC

Starting off there is the official Hue desktop Sync app for windows, install this on your computer and it will sync your lights set up in your entrainment area with the on screen colours, great when watching a movie and even better when playing a game.

You can also use the windows Philips hue app to sync your lights with music flashing and changing to the beat. This is a free app to download and also available for Mac OS.

3. Hue Dynamic

This third party app works on iOS, Android and Windows 10, “Sync your lights to your screen simply and easily or have the ultimate disco experience with HueDynamic and Philips Hue Entertainment”. 

This app give your advanced settings to change your hue lights and set up. From changing light colors and settings in disco party mode where you can sync your lights to music from your computer including Spotify, to advanced settings allowing you to change how your hue dimmer and tap switches work making it better for you and guests to use. 

There are also ‘Dynamic Lighting Experiences’ which can set the mood by changing and fade your lights depending on the scene selected. 

4. Huetro for Hue

A free Windows app that allows you to manage your lights, setting colours and scenes to create perfect mood lighting in your home. Using colour pickets and saved scenes you can change the lighting in your home and rooms. 

‘Use the simple setup to connect your Hue system, and start enjoying all the great features Huetro brings! Use the colorpicker to select a specific color, or create your new scenes by using your favorite memories’

5. The Home Remote

Windows based app designed to help operate all your smart devices in your home including your Hue smart lights. The app allows you to create your own smart remote to control smart devices you own, such as lighting, music systems, tv’s and Amazon Alexa. 

6. Hue Disco for PC

Hue Disco does it all with your Philips Hue setup. The Mood function changes your Hue Lights within a themed colorset at your chosen time interval over and over again. Perfect for warming up your party or any other occasion.

Hue Disco is the best in recognizing your favorite music through the microphone. Even at low volume levels changes are accurately detected and transformed into a lightshow. It’s the only Hue App with a real fast Stroboscope! (Strobe).

Hue Disco can be downloaded for both PC Windows and Mac OS.

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