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How to Buy Spare Parts for Philips Hue Lights


In response to the growing demand for spare parts, Philips Hue has made it easier than ever to ensure your smart lighting setup remains in perfect working order.

Buying Philips Hue Spare Parts

After announcing this much-anticipated development in September, you can now order official spare parts directly from the Hue online shop. 

Accessing Official Spare Parts

The process of obtaining official spare parts for your Philips Hue lights has never been more straightforward. With the convenience of the Hue online shop, you can easily find the spare parts you need. Whether it’s a replacement power supply or essential brackets, you can trust that these components are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing setup. This means you can enjoy the same quality and reliability that Philips Hue is renowned for.

A Wide Array of Spare Parts

Let’s take a closer look at some of the spare parts that Philips Hue offers through its online shop. For €29.99, you can acquire a power supply with a single input in either black or white, ensuring that your lights stay operational. If you own Philips Hue Play Lightbars, you’ll appreciate the option to purchase a power supply in white or black for the same price.

For those with Philips Hue Play Gradient Light Strips, brackets can be obtained for €12.99, which come with new adhesive strips. This is particularly handy when you want to reposition your light strip without any fuss.

If you’re a fan of the Philips Hue Go, you can find a power supply for €29.99 or a dedicated charging station for €39.99, making it easier to use your portable lamp in different parts of your home without the constant hassle of moving the charging station.

Finally, there’s the Philips Hue Play Light bar Stand, priced at €9.99, providing a convenient solution to keep your Light bars stable and secure.

Ease of Parts

With the availability of official spare parts through their online shop, maintaining and enhancing your smart lighting setup has never been easier. Whether it’s a simple power supply or specialized brackets, you can trust that Philips Hue has designed these spare parts to seamlessly integrate with your existing lights, ensuring you continue to enjoy a world of vibrant, smart lighting. 

Of course Ebay and online market places allow for spare parts to be bought new and used if available, however it is easier to buy them online at Hue and gives an option that comes with a guarantee and also knowledge of the correct and right part you may need. 

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