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Philips Hue App 3.0 Review


The latest release and eagerly anticipated app 3.0 update has been released (May 29th 2018) to users. The Philips Hue 3.0 App can be downloaded on iTunes and Android, or updated via your phone and tablet.

This video from Philips shows it in action.

Philips Hue 3.0 App Features

Philips Hue 3.0 release date: May 29th 2018. The Philips Hue 3.0 update has and includes:

  • New-look interface
  • New scene options
  • A redesigned color picker
  • 30 new light scenes
  • Improved ‘picture-to-light’ feature
Philips Hue 3.0 App

Release Notes

The release notes to the app said “The 3.0 app update is the biggest update to the Hue app since the original release of the 2.0 version. We’ve tried to make it more intuitive and enjoyable for everyday use. Some changes you might hardly notice, while others are hard to miss. Here are the most important updates:

  • Improved daily use and navigation.
  • Quicker access to favorite scenes and colors.
  • Brightness control and light visualization inside rooms.
  • Introducing new color pickers for better overview, control and grouping of your lights in a room.
  • Bringing over 30 new picture scenes handpicked by our lighting designers.
  • New picture-to-light algorithm so you can create awesome scenes using your own pictures.
  • Additional shortcuts for most commonly used configuration settings.
  • Various improvements and fixes throughout the app.”

Accessing new scenes

For some reason the new picture scenes are not very easy to access, or where you may expect them. To access the 30 new picture scenes:

Open a room > then go to ‘new scene’ > then select the camera button at the bottom left.

Editors Reaction

Since downloading the latest app the first thing that stood out is the speed of it is greatly improved and is a lot nicer to move around the different areas of the app. The new design is great and gives it a more modern look and feels a lot more up-to-date and fitting with the Hue system, and what it is about. The color picker is great, works really well and again very responsive.

The 3.0 app is a long overdue redesign, and it is notably quicker and more responsive, however in terms of additional function and features there isn’t too much, hopefully more is to come. The app feels more in keeping with Hue, however one thing I wish that was changed was the app icon, it just feels a little dated.

Overall this feels like a robust foundation to build on, under the hood it seems quicker, the new design is stylish, sleek and nice to use, now we just need some more function and features to play with.

What do you think to the latest update? What features you like to see added to future updates?

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One Response

  1. Philip Saladyk

    I think the update has broken Alexa functionality. Hue login page no longer loads in Hue app or Alexa skill. Error message is Sorry the page you are looking for is unavailable please try again later.

    This is for the api.meethue.com website that the Hue app and the Alexa skill use.

    Nice update Philips. You broke it


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