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9 Gorgeous Philips Hue Light Set Ups


The flexibility and possibilities with the Philips Hue Lights are endless, we have rounded up 6 beautiful lighting set ups using nothing more than the Hue lights, all automated and adjustable from your phone.

Luxury apartment kitted out with 20 bulbs inside and also some outside on the balcony. This really is stunning.

5 Hue Blooms, 1 Hue Iris, 2 Hue Bulbs and 1 Hue lightstrip plus and Ambilight TV. The results are incredible.

Amazing set up in the living room that works with the TV and displays colours depending what is on screen. Perfect for movie night!

Philips Hue Light Set Ups
Set up by freshme4t via Reddit – Lighting added behind the TV and speakers to give a warm party feel, perfect for adjusting depending on what you are watching or doing. Great use of light strips around the room creates stunning lines around the ceiling.

Trendy lounge set up with bulbs replaced in the lamps within the room, different colours setting a perfect mood and ambient light.

A relaxing night light mood set up with dimmed lights and a relaxing red hue, ideal for the evening and winding down for bed.

Image via Reddit – Gaming set up combining Hue lights to create the mood and scene, great for adjusting depending on the game being played.

Hue lights added around the edge of the room with Philips Hue strip lights under the counter giving a blue glow onto the floor.

Philips hue strip lights used along the corridor makes it great as a nightlight or to come on in the morning when dark not to wake everyone else in the house with bright light.

What is your setup? How have you got your lights set up and where are they positioned?

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