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Amazon Alexa Certified Smart LED Bulb


Before we dive into the certified bulbs that can work with Alexa it is important that we have an idea of what it means.

Amazon Alexa is a smart device designed to perform tasks like setting alarms, providing weather, music playback and many other tasks. It works with a lot of third party devices which obviously have to be smart. In this case, we’ll have a look at bulbs that have been modified to work with Alexa. However, it is also important to know that in the case of a LED bulb, Alexa enables you to use voice control.

For instance, we all know how lazy we feel once you get on your bed and you have to go switch off your lights. Plenty are the times we just decide to assume and go to sleep with the lights on. Well, when using the Amazon Alexa device you can give a voice command and switch off the lights right from your bed. If you are someone who hates being in the dark, you can just dim your lights. That is the power of Alexa certified bulbs.

Now that we know what Alexa can do, it is also important that you know not any LED bulb work with the device. It has to be a smart bulb. However, being smart is not enough. It must have a skill which is a version of an app that facilitates Alexa to communicate with the bulb. With that, you can connect directly to Alexa. Nonetheless, some bulbs can connect directly through wifi while others have to use a hub.Below are some of the bulbs that connect to Alexa.

TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb

Going at a price of about twenty dollars the bulb works perfectly with Alexa. You need no hub as it connects directly to your wifi router. It is bright enough as it is a fifty watt LED bulb. With this bulb, you can control your lights from absolutely anywhere.

Phillips Hue light strip bulb

Available in a variety of colors is the Phillips Hue which requires a hub. That is because it is a ZigBee bulb and cannot connect directly to Alexa. Although it requires a hub, it is arguably one of the best smart bulbs. Mounted on strips they are an easy way to add brightness in your house. And being smart, you can use Alexa to brighten and dim some of the bulbs. Like for instance brighten those in your dining area and dim those in the living area. That creates a beautiful ambiance in your house.

LIFX Bulbs

They come both in colored and plain white. They are smart and connect directly to your wifi router since they have adapters designed to achieve that. Hence minimizing the cost of having to get a hub to connect them to Alexa. Since they come even in colored bulbs you can use them to make your house beautiful. By having different colored bulbs to cover different parts of your house. That creates warmth and through Alexa, you can easily turn them on and off. Even when you are away you can turn the lights on to make it appear as if you are there.

The above are just some few smart bulbs that work with Alexa. They are divided into two groups, the Zigbee. These are the ones that require la hub while there are those that you connect directly to the wifi. There are other cheaper options such as the yeelight which requires no hub but comes with a good price. So if you are looking for something affordable to work with Alexa that is always a good option. There are many others out there in the market so consult an expert to get to know more of the likes of Yeelight.

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