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Amazon Echo & Alexa Guide to Hue Lights Commands

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With Amazon Alexa you can take control of your smart home, asking it to change the colors of rooms, turn lights on and off using simple commands. We have rounded up a range of commands that will work allowing you to take control of your Philips Hue light system without having to press a button.

Change Hue Light Colors with Alexa

Using these commands below you can change the colors and scenes of your Hue bulbs as well as turning them on and off, and making them brighter or dimmer.

Setting Hue Scenes in Alexa

With Alexa you can now ask to turn your Hue lights to a set scene which you have set up and saved.

  • “Turn on {scene} in {room}”
  • “Alexa, turn on Relax in the {room}”

Alexa Hue Color Commands

Change the colors of your hue bulbs or rooms using these Alexa commands.

  • “Turn on/off {specific light} or {room} or {Echo group}”
  • “Set {light} to 50%”
  • “Alexa, turn my {room} light green.”
  • “Alexa, set the {room} light to orange,” or “Alexa, make the {room} warmer,”
  • “Alexa, brighten {room} to 60 percent”, or “Alexa, dim the {room} lights”
  • “Alexa, {room} lights fifty” or “Alexa, {room} lights fifty percent”

You can also use this color list that will change the colors of the bulbs to matching colors…

  • “Alexa turn the lights Tomato” – a nice shade of pink.
  • “Alexa turn the lights Peru” – nice at-home champagne color.
  • “Alexa turn the lights Firebrick” – A dark red warm color scene
  • “Alexa turn the lights LightSalmon” – A warm light pinky red color
  • “Alexa turn the lights Dark Khaki” – A dark green color

It is important to note that using Alexa to change your Hue color bulbs only works if you have a second generation Hue bright, it will not work with the first gen bridges. You can see which you have from the image below.

Hue bridge generations

Alexa all lights off

Turn all the lights off in your house using simple Alexa commands

  • “Alexa turn off all lights”
  • “Alexa, lights out”

Connecting the Philips Hue lights to the Amazon Echo

Watch this video below which shows you how to set up Amazon Alexa with your Philips Hue home lighting system.

Other Smart home commands

  • Change the color temperature of the lights: “Alexa, make the {room} lights a little warmer.”
  • Adjust temperature: “Alexa, raise the temperature {x} degree.”
  • Set temperature: “Alexa, set the temperature to {x}.”
  • Lock your doors: “Alexa, lock my back door.”
  • Close your garage door: “Alexa, ask Garageio to close my garage.”
  • Discover smart home devices: “Alexa, discover my devices.”
  • Use IFTTT recipes: “Alexa, trigger [IFTTT recipe].”

Alexa Hue Scenes and Lights not working?

Ensure the Alexa home skill is enabled, to do this follow these steps

  1. Go to alexa.amazon.com
  2. Forget all smart home devices and disable/remove hue skill
  3. Go to meethue.com > My Hue > Settings > My Apps and deactivate Alexa on Echo
  4. Enable hue smart home skill
  5. Press the button on Hue bridge and discover devices

Have we missed any commands? Any that you have used that work too? Let us know below in the comments.

Article written by Mike

Founder of Hue Home Lighting, huge Hue fan with Hue bulbs all over my home from kitchen to bedroom and garden.


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  1. C. Conroy

    Do you need special lamps to use the Hue bulbs or can they be used in everyday house lamps?

    • Hue Home Lighting

      They are designed to replace like for like bulbs in the home, so no you don’t need any special lamps or fittings etc. You do need a Hue bridge though, so if you are new to Hue, best place to start is with a starter kit.

  2. Albert

    Everything worked as described above with the Echo Plus and the Hue color bulbs (without the Philips bridge). Then I also installed the Philips Hue Bridge (because this offers more functions than the Echo Plus) and paired the bulbs with the bridge (after unpairing from Echo Plus, because they seemingly cannot be paired to both at the same time). Then I paired the Hue bridge with the Echo Plus, but now Alexa cannot change the color of the bulbs anymore. Is this normal?

  3. Jamie

    Im confused, can i control bulb Colour, E.g set Light to red without a bridge. Just using echo plus?

    • Hue Home Lighting

      Yes you can, however by using the Hue bridge you have more uses and commands, allowing you to set scenes etc which you cannot do through just using the Echo plus.

  4. Malky Christie

    I have 2 hue colour candles in my bedroom and would like to add a white bayonet to my ceiling light can these be separated by command i.e. turn on ceiling light and leave the colour bulbs on a separate command ? Thanks

    • Hue Home Lighting

      Yes, you could say turn on bedroom lights to turn them all on, or turn on ceiling light to just turn that on when you name them.

  5. unhappy person

    I’ve sat here for an hour and I can only turn on an individual bulb with Alexa, Turn on Kitchen one…… I have a group called kitchen with all 3 lights in the kitchen. Alexa, turn on Kitchen…. gives me I have multiple lights with that name….so I say turn them all on, and that doesn’t work….. groups are useless. I also use a second app to control my hue lights because the hue app is garbage for setting up their motion sensors. I’ve seen people that delete a whole bunch of stuff in the hue app to get things to work correctly. I’ve spent thousands on your products and they do not work very easily at all. Lights would just turn on and stay on for no reason…. no motion but they stay on….so I spent all day resetting the hub and resetting up the lights and I still can’t get it to work correctly.OH and the amount of space you have on the hub for rules is sad. I have a small house that I’m trying to fully automate and I can’t do it with one hub? I have 21 lights, lights strips and color bulbs and 9 motion sensors. One hub can’t handle a turn on time, turn off time for all of them before I run out of space….. I’ve wasted so much time trying to get things to work. I’m struggling to get a color to turn on for a single light or light strip. Not sure if it supports scenes for a single light either I tried Alexa, turn on “Parlor Colorloop” in Parlor. Fail. I just renamed my Kitchen Fan 1 – Kitchen Fan 2 – Kitchen Fan 3 to Kitchen F 1 etc……group is still kitchen…..I’m running a hub discovery and will ask alexa to do the same in 5 min….she found nothing. running discovery from alexa app…..and that was no help….. do you have any real documentation? I tried Alexa, Lights out and she says there are a few things with that name….. seriously WTF…..

    • Paul THomas

      I names room lights things like K1 for kitchen, m1 for main, lr and ll for right and left lamps etc. Then I grouped the full names, so for example lr and ll grouped in Living room.

      Seems to work perfect.

      I used the Hue app to set up devices and scenes (which i deleted and reset as red, cyan etc.

      Then when you scan in alexa app it should pick up the lot. Then set groups in Alexa app with the imported devices

  6. unhappy person

    I just asked siri to turn something red and boom we have color…..I asked alexa to turn something red and she says she doesn’t support that…. I saw a users suggestion to create some IFTTT recipes to “trigger” something to a color. While I appreciate the suggestion, this should be something alexa understands without creating extra rules.

  7. Steve

    I have a scene that includes several lights (not all) in one room. When I tell my Echo to activate that scene in that room it turns on all of the lights, not just the ones that are included in that particular scene. That does not make sense to me?

    • Steve

      Please disregard my earlier comment, I needed to update the scenes in the Alexa app and now the scene is executed correctly.

  8. Brent Smith

    My hue is offline and alexa said it doesn’t support living room and my computer shows warning signs on all lights but lights turn off & on manually by light switch how can I fix it.

    • sam

      Deregistering and than registering the device work for me and in another case I just remove and added the light to Alexa app.Looks something wearied happening

  9. Gisele Laframboise

    Is there any way to connect with hue without a smart phone? Can I do it through an iPad?

  10. JH

    My lights where working just fine with Alexa, but this week the command ‘Alexa lights off’ stopped working. Now Alexa says ‘Theres more than two things with the same name, which one do you want?’ and can’t figure out the command to turn all the lights off. Any ideas?

  11. Kathy

    I am getting so frustrated, HELP please! I connected my Hue Starter Kit months ago, it works with the Hue app but has never worked with my Alexa’s, she always says “I found more then 1 light in living room or wherever. I spent hours on 2 occasions trying to delete all the Hue app stuff from Alexa and re-adding it…. Nope, it always come back with double (2 living rooms, 2 bedrooms etc.) and I only have 1 bulb in each of these 4 rooms, and when I go into my Amazon Alexa app in Smart Skills it shows double for each of the bulbs. I am finally trying AGAIN after ignoring the problem for a couple months. What to do?

  12. Les Charles

    Not ready for everyday consumers, way too much BULL. Try, just once, Philips, to make something simple…like a lightbulb. Name this name that, no it’s not the freaking “bedroom” it’s the $50 “hue color lamp one” and it doesn’t want to be called “bedroom”, try again, press the button on the $52 bridge…again! I am just going to wait until this shakes out , it is not ready for prime time. And the app doesn’t work with Kindle Fire HD. Somebody is acting like Apple. Hear there’s a new app coming, hope Philips farmed that out. I have purchased a bridge, a color bulb, and two white bulbs. Will it be another dead-end bit of too expensive tech? Lower your prices by HALF, deliver an app that works well, then we’ll see.

  13. Anaya Dic

    Right, With the help of Alexa we can change hue light color & control the lights.

  14. dave stanton

    How about two hubs in two locations controlled by one unified alexa account? I need to be able to log into two meethue accounts. As it stands Alexa only knows how to make one hub’s lights “White” or any color at a time but cannot handle the other hub saying the bulb cannot do that…

  15. Alexa Help

    Right! you are absolutely describe it in this post. We can change Hue lights if we connect them with our Alexa device. We just need to speak exact command to Alexa device and it will work definitely.

  16. Stephen Heaps

    Can alexa change the colour of the philips bloom or is it only through the app?

  17. Steve P

    Struggling with controlling Hue through Alexa. The underlying issue is, I think, that I do not live alone. The echo “belongs” to my wife. I’ve installed Hue so Hue “belongs” to me. I am enabled in the Amazon household. I have control of Hue if I “switch accounts”.

    – how should it be set up to enable us both to control Hue without switching accounts?
    – if we both install Hue, would that mean that we have independent sets of Hue data, like names of lights and rooms, or is it possible to “share” the one set of data?

  18. Steve P

    I’ve got Alexa and Hue working with 2 rooms and 3 bulbs. I’ve just used the Hue app and made another 2 rooms and added another 2 bulbs, one in each new room. Alexa doesn’t seem to know about these 2 new bulbs/rooms. Is there a time delay/refresh period? Do I need to “push” the new data in some way?

  19. Charles Stout

    I have followed those directions to re-establish Alexa with the hue bridge and I still cannot get the scenes to work even though they are correctly populated in scenes on the Alexa app. Help please.

  20. Stephen Gillanders

    There are two methods of setting a light group – Within the Alexa App and within Hue. The methods seem to be different and have conflicts I cannot resolve.

    In that within the Alexa app I can define crossovers of groupings. For example: a group called “Cooking lights”, and one called “Dining lights” can be setup where the bulbs in each group are also members of a wider group called “Kitchen lights”. This works well with simple On/Off and percentage brightness commands, but seems to have no access to Scene control regardless of the voice command syntax I use.

    Crossover groupings are not possible in the Hue App; a bulb can only be a member of a single group as far as I can see. But here I can exercise scene control… at least within the Android app.

    I could live with these differences, but it seems that no matter what I name the Hue defined groups, I cannot get them to activate via voice commands when they live alongside the Alexa defined ones. I need the Alexa grouping flexibility within my house so I have no choice but to use the Alexa smart home groupings, but doing this loses the ability to use “Scenes” effectively with voice activation.

    Am I missing something here? The documentation from both Amazon and Phillips on this interface seem to fall short of addressing this. I trained in Electrical Engineering/Computing and work in IT integration so I would hope I had a reasonable chance of setting this up effectively… as it stands I am considering whether or not to expand my light setup beyond the existing 10 bulbs to the 50+ I had planned!

  21. Matteo

    Can Alexa on the Echo plus 2^ gen connect to the first gen philips bridge ( the round one)?
    I tried but no way to find the bridge.

  22. Sad and upset customer

    See who’s in the Phillips hue app definitely do not work with Alexa. I have use the exact phrasing suggested in your webpage to get Alexa to open up seems that already been baked in by Phillips, such as “Savannah sunset.“ Instead, all stupid Alexa says is that there is no device savanna sunset. She doesn’t get it no matter whether I say kitchen first and savanna sunset second or vice versa. What do I have to do to get this to work??

  23. Brett

    Swapped out some white bulbs for coloured bulbs in my living room and bedroom. Got them to work perfectly first time on the app but Alexa point blank refused to activate scenes even after getting her to discover the devices.

    Just followed the above instructions for resetting app / device / Alexa, etc and everything now working as it should 🙂

  24. ALI FOX

    I brought the Hue B22 starter kit 2 weeks ago & installed in my bedroom – all OK. I have just got the 2m Light Strip for my Living room. When I turn on the light Strip (Alexa turn on Light Strip) it also turns on my Bedroom Lights ??
    How can I stop this happening?
    I have the lights named & Grouped under separate headings in the Alexa Ap & different rooms on the Philips Hue Ap
    Do I need to re-set everything, or will it always do this??

    Any help / advice would be great.

  25. Nick C

    I recently purchased an Echo dot and paired it with my Hue setup. Alexa works great with two of the three scenes. The third, my kitchen, is un responsive. The conversation goes like this…

    Me: Alexa, set the kitchen lights to green
    Alexa: Kitchen doesn’t support that

    I can however, control the all the lights manually through the Alexa app. How do I fix this?


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