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Amazon launches an Alexa Smart Plug


Amazon continues to make a huge push in the smart home world and have relaxed a number of new products to do this, however one that stands out here for us is the Alexa Smart Plug, not new however something that is a great addition if Alexa is your smart hub of choice.

Amazon Smart Plug

A useful gadget some Amazon that allows you to turn your coffee machine on in the morning without touching it.

Alexa Smart Plug

The Alexa Smart Plug allows you to tell Alexa to turn devices on and off that are powered at the main plug, such as a light where perhaps you don’t have or want a Hue smart bulb, or a device such as a coffee machine, fan or even Christmas tree lights!

With Philips not looking like they will be releasing their own smart plug this looks like the next best thing, although others are on the market this is well priced and ideal if you already have Alexa in your home.

The device is plugged into the mains power socket and then your appliance plugs into this. It is great to use with routines and settings where you can easily turn all devices off by just saying turn everything off, or Alexa, goodnight, and everything powers down.

Alexa Smart Plug will cost $25 and can be pre-ordered, with the item shipping next month in October.

As well as the smart plug, Amazon also announced a range of other items, an Alexa Microwave, Clock and the Echo also got an update with a louder speaker.

The microwave is a standard looking black device, not a design classic but it is smart, instead of pressing the buttons on it you can just tell Alexa what you want it to do, such as reheat my coffee, or defrost chicken and it will start.

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