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Ambee 2.0 Released


Rebuilt from the ground up, Ambee 2.0 has been released by developer Tomas Baran, taking over 700 hours of development time and 9000+ lines of code. Ambee 2.0 is now available for download for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

What is Ambee?

Ambee invented Dynamic Light Scenes for Philips Hue in 2013 back then known as Goldee. Carefully chosen colors, hues, shades, duration, transitions that change the colors of your bulbs and coordinate well together are hand-crafted for you.

Atmospheric scenes can help set the mood and also includes sounds if you wish, from roaring campfire, to rainforest settings and scenes,

Amber App

What’s new? 

New features and controls include: 

  • Better grouping of scenes: Ambee 2.0 offers groups by moods, colors, and sound.
  • Ability to group the scenes by yourself: The ability to favorite and save into your albums is coming soon.
  • More control: Ambee 2.0 offers control’s of brightness, speed, volume (in case it includes audio), and pause of each dynamic scene. And it’s easier than ever.
  • Android support
  • iPad support

Available for both iOS and Android

Download the app for either iOS or Android here –


Ambee has changed to a subscription-based model, you have three options to choose from:

  • Year subscription 49.99 Euros
  • Monthly 8.49 Euros
  • Weekly 2.99 Euros

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