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Best Hue App for TV & Films


Bring your TV or film to life in your living room with your Philips Hue lighting system working with what is happening on screen. The Hue Camera App for the Philips Hue does just that, setting up your phone pointing towards your screen it watches what is happening, if the screen is bright green then your lighting will reflect this, if your screen is a dark red or blue, then your lighting adjusts to this.

Below is a video to show this is action.

As the app use your phone camera it can be used on may things, whether you are watching TV, sport, a film or playing on a console this app will work with what is going on.

“Although Hue Camera was designed to work within a wide range of situations, you can change the speed of colour transitions and the intensity of the colour to your liking.” – hue-camera.com

This is great app averrable for iOS and get be picked up from iTunes here.

This is certainly worth getting and a great little app that is simple to use and great to use if you love your films, also a good way to stop you playing on your phone when a film is on!

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