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Best LED Corner Floor Lights for your Home


As LED lights become better and cheaper there is now a great choice of LED lamps that can display different colors, these lights are also not just for creating practical light to read, but also as mood lighting too.

There is a great choice of different lights that can be used as a reading lamp, decorative, or designed for stylish mood lighting that are directed against your walls, and corner lights fall into this category.

Best LED Corner Floor Lights for your Home

LED corner lights are designed specifically for creating beautiful lighting effects within a corner, designed to be stood there the lights shines up the wall within the corner. 

Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamps

We have rounded up the best corner lamps that create colourful mood lighting within your home. These all have a minimalist sleek and stylish design which is common with these type of lights. These slim lights can be changed in color and the effects can be adjusted using an app on your phone or a remote control if the lamp includes one. 

Hue Signe

First off is the Hue Signe, if you already have Hue lights in your home then the Hue Signe is a very stylish, well built lamp that can be used within the corner of a room. There is a lamp and floor version, a tall lamp that can be changed to any color and also works with Hue entertainment areas too.

Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Signe Floor Lamp,Acrylic (Bluetooth version, works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant), Floor Lamp (OLD VERSION)

    Working with a Hue bridge or set the mood with Bluetooth-enabled LED lamps and the Hue Bluetooth app, which allows you to control up to 10 lights in a room. With a Hue bridge you can use this light to sync with music, or add it to a entertainment area for it to sync with your TV, this is great if you have one each side of the screen and can create more immersive viewing when watching a film.

    Lashahope Led Floor Lamp

    This 4 stage floor lamp has 4 sections that allow for maple colors, while the light could be set to a single color, you can create light effects that use up to 4 colors. Lashahope Corner led Lamp build-in premium RGB LED strip, with 16 million lighting colors and 300+ lamp modes, including RGB, rainbow-like color or daylight white.

    Lashahope Led Floor Lamp,RGB Color Changing Mood Lighting Corner Lamp with Bluetooth App and Remote Control, Music Sync/Timing/Dimmable/Multi Lighting Modes Led Lamp for Living Room,Home Decoration

      To use and change the colors of the light you can use the Bluetooth app on your phone, or the remote that comes with the lamp. The stand design makes it perfect for use in the corner of a room, or it can be used anywhere else, the slim design makes it look stylish and sleek, a modern addition to the home.

      TACAHE Corner Floor Lamp

      A 142cm tall standing minimalist floor lamp of Nordic style, simple but special. The corner lamp takes up minimal space and add ambient light for your space, spin the standing lamp around to face the corner and get best visual experience.

      TACAHE Corner Floor Lamp - RGB Color Changing Mood Light, Dimmable LED Modern Floor Lamp with Remote, 56" Metal Standing Lamp for Living Room, Bedroom 20W - Black

        A variety of solid colors and 358 kinds of lighting effect make your space more vibrant. The corner floor lamp has a RGB LED strip built in to display vivid lighting and give off a great new vibe for living room. Using the app you can have the light sync and change color to music that is played. 

        OLGL Smart RGB Floor lamp

        A modern and minimalist black design corner lamp that allows for RGB color changing lighting, great for party and creating mood lighting. The living room light stand, all-black aluminum surface adds the ultimate simplicity to the corners at both ends even before its light begins to glow.

        Control your light over wifi and change the colors and effects using Alexa, Google Assistant, and other popular voice assistants.

        With reactive voice mode, modern floor lamp will become Multicolor sound-controlled RGB music lights through your smartphone mic, by picking up of your ambient sound to sync the spectrum effect.

        How do you light up a corner?

        Corner lights are a great way to brighten up a dark corner of a room, they can create visual interest using light, and also be practical when set to a white light if you have a reading chair nearby. Changing colors of these types of lights can help set the mood or create interesting effects, be it a relaxing mood light or party mode lighting.

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