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Best Philips Hue Scene Images and Ideas


A Hue Scene is a preset that will change all lights that are effected, so if you set a scene in a room, all lights in that room will be changed to create the style, theme and mood of that scene. A very colourful image scene will create a colourful room, a dark red scene will dim your lights with a dark red glow.

Philips Hue Scenes

Scenes can be great for setting your lights to a certain style and color pallet, scenes work with all your Hue Bulbs and some other supported bulbs too.

How to Set your Scene

Setting a scene is easy to use, just load the Hue app to get going.

Creating a Philips Hue Scene

The quick steps:

  • Load the Hue app
  • Select a room
  • Click New Scene
  • Create a new scene by dragging your light icons around the color wheel or click the camera to select a Hue preset, or go to your camera roll and select your own photo.

Once you have loaded the hue app select a room, on this screen you can see all the basic Hue preset scenes.

This year Hue released some more scenes, you can see these when you click ‘New Scene’, and then the camera icon in the bottom left. Selecting these scenes you can zoom in to specific parts of the image to highlight certain colors that you want your lights to focus on.

Ideas for Philips Hue Scene Images

In the Hue app you will find a range of preset scenes which are great and work well, however if you want something different that suits your mood better then you can use your own photos.

You can use your own photos, take photos or use free to use images from online royalty free image providers.

Below are some images I rounded up that would make great scenes, they are strong colors with a good contrast making it great for use as a scene. All images are taken from unsplash.

The sun sets over Nature Valley in South Africa.

The blues of Laghi di Fusine, in Italy.

Philips Hue Scene Images

Deep red sky and reflection.

Warm Hue Sunrise Scene.

To use these just save these images to your phone or tablet where the Hue app is installed. Then using the Hu app you can select these images from your camera roll and use as a scene.

What are your favourite scenes? 

We round up some great scenes perfect for creating in your home, using different bulbs in lamps and ceiling lights, light strips and lamps the mood can be set.

Living Room Lighting Scenes

The lounge and living room are popular places to set up the Hue, ideal for around the TV or relaxing with some music.

Best Philips Hue Scenes

Stylish Philips lamps used with track lighting behind a tree pattern effect up the wall.

tv lighting

Kitchen Scenes

Light strips are perfect for using in the kitchen as they are ideal for running along the top or bottom of kitchen units. Check out these ideas and scenes you could create.

Light strips work really well in the kitchen, along the tops of cabinents or worktops.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip Plus Dimmable LED Smart Light, Requires Hue Hub, Works with Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant - FFP

    kitchen suspended light box

    Credit – Pinterest – Suspended box with strip lighting creates a cool effect.

    Bedroom Scenes

    Bedroom under bed lighting

    Credit – Pinterest. Under bed lighting creates a warm glow and also makes a great night light if you get up in the night.

    Got a scene to share or a image of your set up then drop us a comment below!

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