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Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor Released

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The motion sensor is a great add on for hue bulbs, and at the moment it is designed for indoor use only, that being said many people have used this outdoors without any issues, but Philips may just be planning one designed for specifically outdoor use.

Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

Philips have announced the release of an outdoor motion sensor at CES 2019.

The Hue PIR sensor has a built-in twilight sensor switches on the light only when it is dark outside. We expect it to work in a similar way to the indoor motion sensor however designed to be better mounted outside and also weatherproof. The motion sensor can be installed on a wall or mounted on a corner as shown in the image below.

Further technical information includes:

  • Detection range: 12 meters
  • Horizontal angle of view: 160 degrees
  • Vertical viewing angle: 80 degrees
  • Batteries: 2 x AA
  • Battery life: 2 years
  • Dimensions: 64 x 76 x 76 mm
  • IP54 making it suitable for wet conditions

At the moment it looks like the sensor comes in black only, it would be great if there was a white option too. It would certainly look more discreet in the photo below on that white pillar.

You can order the outdoor motion sensor here.

Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor Hue Outdoor motion Sensor

With the release of a whole range of different Hue outdoor bulbs, lights and fittings it makes sense for an outdoor sensor to be released, how different it will be to the indoor one we don’t know, but by the looks of it, instead of redesigning and realising a new motion sensor that can be used indoors and outdoors, it is going to release one septically for outdoor use.

With outdoor use it could have a large detection range making it suitable for security which would be a good and useful feature.

Do you need and want one? Or do you use your indoor motion sensor outdoors already?

Article written by Mike

Founder of Hue Home Lighting, huge Hue fan with Hue bulbs all over my home from kitchen to bedroom and garden.


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  1. M

    I can’t really see the point of spending much money on outdoor Hue lights without the sensor, so this is good news – I definitely want one!

  2. Christine Smith

    Yes please! Been waiting for ages for one of these
    Can’t wait for the release

  3. Andrew

    Just got mine. Little larger than I expected but nice solid construction, excellent mounting options. Yes it does have light and temperature sensors too, same as the indoor model.

    I have one issue with mine. The light sensitivity adjustment in the app doesn’t work. Could be I’ve been unlucky and have a faulty one. Basically no matter how insensitive I make it the lights come on during the day. Hopefully I’ve got a dodgy one, if not a software fix might be needed!

  4. Lasse Schaldemose

    Hey Andrew, just Got the sensor and have the same problem! The sensor turns on the light no matter the Lux setteings and Day light! Hope it Will ve a bug fix

  5. Geir Olav Valstad

    Same problem as many others – the sensor cannot measure current light level. Hoping for a bug fix soon.


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