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Create the Luxury Love Island Lighting in your Home


UK hit TV show Love Island is a reality show where couples try to find love while living in a stunning villa in sunny Spain. While the show has become an addiction the villa is a place everyone would love to stay, and with its fun and quirky lighting you can take ideas to create with your Philips Hue home lighting system.

Love Island Lighting in your Home

We take a look at the different lighting used in the Love Island villa and how you can recreate this in your home.

Love Island Lighting in your Home

Fairy lights

First off outside is draped in fairy lights, these are strung across from building to building, to trees and pillars. These are a great way to light an area and look great too.

Check out these Fairy lights for your garden.

Strip Lighting

Another common lighting theme in the villa are strip lights, blue and red lighting stirs that run around in the house as well as the garden.

You can create this in your house by using the Philips hue light strip, or buying a single light strip that works independently. Outside in the garden these look great along pathways, around decking as you an see in the picture above, around seating areas or on steps. Inside these can be used on stairs, around units or under the kitchen unit foot baseboard.

Love Island Lighting in your Home

Using the philips hue system allows you co easily change the colours depending on your mood or the style of room, ideal for setting the perfect shade of blue for your room or a bright orange depending on your style.

Light Balls

Through out the villa garden and inside too there are lots of these light balls, circular balls that light up, some are different colours but outside they are white balls that glow in the evening. Philips Hue have the Philips bloom, this is a ball that is sliced in half, however you could use a philips hue bulb in a ball lighting unit.

Check out these light balls

Using these different styles can add a touch of luxury to your home, lighting is so important and a great way to create different moods in your home, from party mode, romantic evenings, or just bright and light while you cook or the kids do their homework.


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  1. alison craven

    im looking for the led decking post lights that are on love island 2018 (in your picture above) please could you tell me if you have them or where i can purchase them ?
    they are the ones that are outside, totally lit up posts that looks like the light is all around.
    thank you very much


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