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Differences Between Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus, V3 and V4


The Philips Hue series of light strips offers a more flexible source of light compared to the traditional bulbs. They are also smart and come with a number of impressive features.

Philips Hue Lightstrip Differences

As a quick summary this table shows the 4 version of the Hue light strip and there key differences.

Philips Hue LightstripPhilips Hue Lightstrip PlusPhilips Hue Lightstrip V3Philips Hue Lightstrip V4
Voltage12V DC24V DC24V DC24V DC
Philips Hue Bridge RequiredYesYesYesNo
Lumen Output120 Lm.Up to 1600 Lm. (varies)1600 Lm1600 Lm
Lifespan of Product12,000 hrs20,000 hrs25,000 h25,000 h
ExtendableNoYes (up to 32 feet)Yes (up to 33 feet)Yes (up to 33 feet)
Energy Use12W20.5W20W20W
16 Million ColorsYesYesYesYes

The V4 gradient and single color light strips are the latest version at the time of writing this.

Light Strip V3 and V4 Differences

The V4 version of the Hue Lightstrip has Bluetooth added allowing you to use it without a bridge, it is also improved with regards to making it easier to cut the length of light strip needed.

The big downside is that the V3 and V4 lights are not compatible with each other, so if you have one or the other, the a different version of this does not naturally link and join together. The newer V4 version uses a different design to the previous version, because of this you now cannot attach newer extensions to older strips.

How can I join a V3 Lightstrip for a V4 Hue Lightstrip plus?

With Philips Hue products there is no way to do this, however you can purchase a third party adapter from Litcessory that will allow you to join the two. They come in white and a you get 4 in a pack, they can be used to convert a 6-pin V3 end into a 6-pin V4 end.

Litcessory V3 to V4 Lightstrip Adapter for Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus (4 Pack, White)

    Gradient Vs Single Color V4 Light strip Plus

    The differences between these two are in the name, the gradient light strip allows you to show multiple colors through the length of the light strip, where as the single color is just that, you set a color for your light strip and it will be that single color throughout.

    Both strips have an output of 1600lm, and both can be extended, the gradient strip is more expensive so depending how you intend to use it and where, may impact which you purchase. 

    How long can you extend your Philips Hue light strip?

    Using the extension lengths you can  purchase for the light strip, you can add on extensions for an overall length of 33 feet. After this is may not work of the brightness will be affected. 

    The new Hue Plus strips can be conjoined and extended up to 33 feet/10 meters. Both are the same length however the plus allows you to add on more stripe lights to make it even longer.

    The plus is extendable making it ideal for use in kitchens, under units or along the tops of wall cupboards, the ability to extend the length of the strip gives you more freedom to make better lighting effects on a bigger scale.

    How wide is the Hue Light strip?

    The V4 light strip is 1.45cm wide, 0.55cm thick and the base length is 200cm long. 

    Philips Hue Lightstrip 1 Vs Plus V2

    With Philips Hue Lightstrip vs. Plus (Read our Philips Hue Light strip Review here) laid side by side, here are the differences:

    Plug orientation.

    The first difference you will notice when you unpack Philips Hue Lightstrip and the Hue Plus is the difference in design of plugs the socket plugs. In the Hue light strip, the plug takes the normal orientation with its earthing blade directly opposite to the feeding wires. This arrangement requires a big space. On the other hand, the new Hue Plus light strip’s socket has its earthing blade on the same side with the feeding wires and close to the end where the wires enter the socket. This arrangement makes the socket occupy less space when plugged into the wall socket.

    Still, on the socket, another distinction lies on its portability. The socket of the old Philips Hue light strip is fixed on the feeding wire while that of Hue Plus Lightstrip is detachable allowing the user to easily replace it in case of malfunction.

    Layout of LEDs

    In the old Philips Hue light strips, each LED is tasked with producing all the different colors needed. This gives it a poor white balance and distorted color clarity. Philip Hue Plus has three LEDs per color which creates a better white balance while dissipating the equal amount of color and uniformity.


    The old Philips Hue light strips are less bright. They have white light dissipation of 120 lumens. The new Philips Hue Plus is brighter and its light can outshine some of the brightest sources of lighting in a room. Its white light dissipation rating is rated at between 2,000K and 6,500K.

    The lifespan

    The new Philips Hue Plus outlives the regular Hue Lightstrip by approximately 8,000 hours. While the old Hue light strip has a lifespan of 12,000 hours, the new Hue Plus strips last an incredible 20,000 hours.

    Which to Buy?

    Well it is certainly worth trying to buy the latest version, it then comes down to the gradient or the single color strip, there is a cost difference and it really depends how you will use it and if you need and want the gradient feature. 

    Philips Hue Indoor 6-Foot Smart LED Light Strip Base Kit with Plug - Flowing Multicolor Effect - 1 Pack - Control with Hue App - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit

      Light strips are a great way to add light to different areas of your home and the gradient light strip is great for party lighting, creative light effects and adding feature color to your home. 

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